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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Joab, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. Joab


    Double Top
    Bear Call Spread

    Selling Apr 95 Calls
    Buying Apr 100 Calls

    Credit 1.40

    23 days to expiry
  2. Good call, at first it looks like a rounding bottom then you can see it top around $97.50.

    Nice job.
  3. Joab


  4. i too am short from the double top.
  5. WD40


    are you worried that Friday's down volume is not more than Thursday's volume?
  6. romik


    I see one potential problem, histogram on weekly chart has just risen & is at 0 mark. Good luck on that trade though!
  7. i see one potential problem as well, and i am watching it.

    volume is not a worry though at this point imo.
  8. 2006


    This trade is average at best. The spread was trading mid 2's several days before. Now if you got in then -- I would say good trade. @ 1.4 credit the R:R is not favorable IMO.

    Instead of starting a thread for each of your picks why not have a "Trades by Joab" thread, just throwing out an idea but maybe your ego likes plastering your name all across ET.

    Later Suckas.
  9. Joab


    No thats actually confirming.
  10. Joab


    You trade the option (like most options traders) I trade the underlying and the option is just the byproduct.

    I don't start a trading thread because of posters like you.

    My trades are ALL posted BEFORE they trigger... if you want to take them and come for the ride go for it, if not then I don't care either way.

    Put up or shut up is how we separate the men from the boys where I come from.

    I walk my talk and if I'm wrong then you can hyjack my thread, till then go f urself :)
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