AAPL below 200 dma for 1st time over 2

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  1. AAPL is below the 200 dma for the first time in over 2 years. the volume has been heavy. makes you wonder about a leader like AAPL getting sold ; is this a harbinger for tech or the general markets?
    to me its an ominous sign for tech at the very least.
  2. Could repel off the woefully lagging and smooth 200.

    I'm more concerned about Nancy Pilosi's panties being in a bunch. 60% one year increase in net worth could be reversed.:p

    To paraphrase a TV commercial, " a vineyard"?????????????
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    Let's see what happens on Monday.......Bounce off of 320 in April.
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    The problem is who is buying?
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    Buy options Calls...
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  7. Apple been trading like absolute sh!t recently. Just lost all of its pizzazz. Very frustrating action. Just not the same stock it used to be. Way too much manipulation wether its good news, bad news or no news. I mean it hit 310.50 today with no news and the market is flat/up. Unless they made an announcement saying they aren't going to make anymore products, this is the biggest manipulation move ever.
  8. it's trading like its HQ is in greece and all the employees stopped working so they can protest.

    Hard to buy these dips when it just keeps dropping.
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    Well it would be too easy if "leaders" (what a stupid term anyway) stayed the same during the entire bull market. If it was that easy....

  10. I agree, not like I expect stocks to give handouts to traders or investors, but the opposite applies as well, a stock like apple shouldn't be trading so diseased considering they are pumping out $25+ billion a quarter. If the average price target is well over $400, it seems very odd that it had a near straight drop from 352 down to here with no substantial basis for it, according to the analysts even 350 is a ''bargain'' so why the current trading pace? Either every analyst is wrong or someone with real weight is just pushing the stock around because they can. Fundamentals point to a higher price but bias has been short for a while now holding it down very hard. Seems like short or long is jumping in front of a train.
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