aapl before earnings...

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by jsv416, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. jsv416


    any takers on aapl before earnings on Monday? Ideas?
  2. If it hits $163 I'm in. Long, that is.
  3. dsq


    not 1 sell rating on aapl...its unanimous,the wall st genius's are all correct...i wouldnt go long this...it has a lot of downside potential.A lot.I doubt they are immune to the economic slowdown.
  4. economic downturn isn't going to hurt their earnings..........they'll blow-out anyway.......especially with the stimulus checks. What might happen is that they don't go up much with their fabulous earnings because of the tough market
  5. One worry is that since AAPL is such a darling, then if they disappoint even slightly, it's gap down time.

    Everyone's been hurt by the recent downturn. Even AAPL isn't immune.

    Of course I could be totally wrong.
  6. vikasd


    The stock is already 12% lower than recent high. They would have to screw up really bad to cause a sell off. Their guidance is going to drive the stock.
  7. I went long AAPL calls today into the selling. Sometimes you can be a contrarian, other times, you go along with the crowd. AAPL I think is one area retail will see a pop from the rebate checks. They finally added all those application games, etc. which was the last thing their iphone needed to be a leading mobile device. I'm looking for 190-210 target after earnings. Maybe not right away but within 2 weeks after earnings. 2 of the four horsemen are wounded, maybe aapl will be the one headed horseman.
  8. Almost all the Apple stores have run out of the iPhone FWIW.

    I wonder how much they will sandbag their forward guidance given great Mac and iPhone sales, but with a poor economy...
  9. it's rediculous iphone 3g's are going for $900-$1200 on ebay.
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