AAPL at New All Time High!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by cactiman, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. I figure a new high deserves a new thread.
    So I guess it's time to talk about 700 again + new products coming in the Fall + the low PE Ratio + no debt + lots of cash + new dividend.
    Did I leave anything out?
    Is AAPL the most perfect stock of all time?
  2. This is IMPOSSIBLE.

    So many "elite traders" said to sell AAPL and buy FB.

    Maybe their sell stop on AAPL is at 11,345 so it will be safe.

    While buy stop on FB at 0.11

    I guess that is OK then...

    Without jobs, how is this possible!!!

    i do like that cheap shuffle, and the iphone works fine.

    PC for life, bitches.....
  3. its opex... buy a a straddle on the weekly.. sell it on monday.
  4. wow the 645-650 strangle was priced at 17 bucks...... thats crazy...
  5. bonds


    Didnt they just miss big and guide lower very recently?
  6. no.. they didn't miss... peoples expectations of them are huge.. this is the pre iphone 5 run... the wilder run up the better in my option.. you can't make money on stocks that don't move..
  7. Was that a completely formed "Cup with Handle" on July 27th?
  8. No, it was a magic lantern - and the Genie's coming out!
  9. AAPL consolidating in the 650-675 zone, after a nice 19% rally to New Highs. Looking good.
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