AAPL Apple: iPhone falls short of target-

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  1. AAPL Apple: iPhone sales fall short of O2 target - FT (161.36 ) -Update-
    just out a few moments ago.
  2. link?
  3. briefing.com
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    That is old news they sold 190,000 in Uk instead of traget 200,000
  5. sorry im not a member could you post the story or link for me? be much appreciated im short right now :D
  6. Gotcha, ty
  7. AAPL Apple: iPhone sales fall short of O2 target - FT (161.36 ) -Update-

    FT reports sales of Apple's much-hyped iPhone in the UK have fallen just short of the expectations of O2 (TEF), the mobile operator that is the exclusive network for the handset. O 2 said shortly before the iPhone's UK launch on Nov 9 that it expected handset sales of 200,000 in the first two months, but people familiar with the situation said the actual figure for the first eight weeks was about 190,000. Some analysts, who had regarded the original 200,000 prediction as a conservative estimate, added that Apple may have to cut the iPhone price in the UK if it wants to maintain sales momentum.
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    iphone is overhyped, I have said this since day 1.
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    aapl will miss the exp and they always guide below the street..

    so aapl might sell off 2morrow..
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    I see it at 125 sometime over the next 2-3 months.

    Target on AAPL = 125

    Target on GOOG = 500
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