Aapl And Yhoo Earnings Ah Tonight

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by S2007S, Jul 21, 2009.

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    I think AAPL is going to show very good earnings however I think the stock price is showing this already and a pullback might be in the cards on AAPL. Could get a bounce to the $160-$165 area, would be selling into any strength since the rally is very overdone.

    Ihone sales:

    I think iphone sales alone will exceed 5.5 million units, especially with the new 3gs release this should help them out greatly. I think the analysts yet again are low balling the Iphone estimate.

    Mac sales should come in at 2.25 Million.

    YHOO, who knows, google showed some struggling, yhoo may as well.
  2. I say Apple sold 456 million iPhones.
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    I know so many people who have this phone, I have one myself, however it is the ONLY Apple product I have ever owned, I never bought anything from any mac store. And the iphone I have was actually a gift so in reality I have never put a penny into apples bottom line.
  4. Do Americans throwing a birthday party still give every guest a free iPhone? As a welcome present? Or are the good days over.. :cool:
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    yes they do, all I know is I didnt drop $300 on it. I do pay the monthly charges on it though.
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    2.6M macs

    5.2M iphones

    10.2M ipods

    AAPL trading at $154.00
  7. AAPL stock will be destroyed. DESTROYED and so will the shareholders in love with their Apple gizmos. It amazes me how people are in love with this stock. It's over for the stock. Just a few weeks left before it starts deflating.
  8. Do you have any reasoning to back this powerful statement up? Or is it "just 'cause"?
  9. No wonder Aapl has good earnings.

    They charge 3 times more for the same Asia made product in Western Europe.

    What's up with that.

    Where is our part of the deflation.