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  1. Will 2008 Mac world release some new gadgets to techworld?

    How its gonna be..

    Here r few known or expected items..

    Ultra thin Laptop
    Touch screen tablet
    MAC for PCs?
    3G iPhone
    what else?
  2. Rumors are that Steve Jobs has bought himself some new clothes to wear for a change, no more turtle neck sweater and jeans.
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    I need to get a new desktop computer and am thinking about a Mac. Since many software programs run in Windows, I'm wondering if there is any incoming/outgoing lag as the Mac os has to run everything into the Windows os and visa versa.
  4. A crewcut and wardrobe change would be good for Steve Jobs who is worth $ 5.2 billion twice as much as Donald Trump with a comb over golden puff.
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    Since the new Macs run on Intel chips, using bootcamp you can dual boot MacOSX and Windows XP (or Vista) -- and since it isn't a PPC chip, no longer is there a translation phase, making XP on a Mac just as fast as XP on a PC.
  6. Running through virtualization suites such as Parallels and VMWare does cause there to be slightly reduced performance compared to running it natively. It does require more RAM and isn't perfect but I run my trading platform through it and rarely have any problems to speak of. Truly the Mac is the Master of all Trades as you can enjoy the intuitive operating system while maintaining the functionality of the necessary programs that just are not available for the Mac. People often criticize Apple for being more expensive than the competitors and paying a 'snob' premium but the reality is that what they lack is a budget line with stripped features. If you compare part by part, dollar by dollar Apple typically is the better deal.

    That being said, buy what you prefer and don't listen to the crowds, there is enough conversation about this on the internet to fill the library of congress 10x over!
  7. You can run Parallels on OS X which gives you a full Windows PC, and it's fast too. Even runs vista.

    With parallels you can literally launch a windows application from inside OS X without rebooting, and the windows app runs in its own window.
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    Thanks for the straight up easy answers, especially since I'm not too computer savy. I am not aquainted with anyone who has a Mac, but I am under the impression that they are fast and powerful. I'm going to get one. Oh, multiple monitors? Could an HD TV be used for a monitor? :)
  9. for multiple monitors, you probably have to shell out $$$ for the MacPro + video cards. In that case, you'll need to run windows under boot camp driving multiple monitors

  10. You can use multiple monitors. I don't know if I would recommend an HD TV for a monitor though. Even when I hook up my MBP to my 61" DLP it never looks right. 22-24" monitors are getting quite affordable, snake one of those up.
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