AAPL a short at $248

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by GG1972, Apr 15, 2010.

IS AAPL a short?

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  1. Short

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  2. Long

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  3. Long but waiting for pullback

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  4. dont really care

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  5. Are you out of your F@#@$$ mind shorting AAPL

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  1. GG1972


    Is AAPL a short at these levels? When I say a short I mean more than a day trade. I dont mean pullbacks either. Earnings are coming up. And AAPL customers are more a social phenomenon too-forced me to buy an iphone even though I personally dislike Apple products
  2. muller


    Nice thread.

    I really don't care what the company does.
    It might as well be a wholesome food chain.
    I only care for price action.

    There's the 02/25/10Low-03/22/10Low-Trendline.
    I wouldn't short AAPL unless this trendline gets broken.
  3. GG1972


    I dont consider myself a good swing trader although I have some success with some swing strategies.

    What do you think if
    a) it pulls back starting today down to maybe 238ish level, would you bite it for the earnings
    b) If earnings disappoint and a gap down after earnings would that be a buying opportunity? ( dont see that happening though)

    Its been a freaking beast
  4. muller


    It is a freaking beast. :cool:

    Goddamn Yahoo Finance used to post earnings dates on the stock's frontpage. Now it doesn't anymore.

    a) doesn't look like it. But around 238 I would short it.
    b) With a significant gap down then I would short it, not buy. But it really doesn't look like it - now.

  5. I think Jesse Livermore said it nicely in his book “ How to trade stocks” on page 19 an 20 when he said “Never sell a stock because it seems high-priced. You may watch the stock go from 10 to 50 and decide its selling at too high a level. That is the time to determine what is to prevent it from starting at 50 and going to 150 under favorable management. Many have lost their capital funds by selling (short) a stock after a long upward movement, when it ‘seemed too high.’ “
  6. ammo


  7. muller


    This should be an updatable poll since opinions change with market conditions.
  8. GG1972


    you can vote again--AAPL didnt change much even if the market conditions might seem to have changed. Actually it makes it that much interesting cause it will sort the men from boys.
  9. muller


    cannot vote without buttons to push on - hahaha :p

    Let's just wait another 2 days. It should get interesting from here on.
    Think I'll get my pullback.
  10. There are better stocks to short then Apple you know.... If anything just buy Call Leaps on Apple. Sit back and drink the cool aid *ahh*.:cool:
    #10     Apr 18, 2010