AAPL - A bloodbath in the making

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  1. AAPL is set to go even higher in my opnion,
    Their Mini computer is convincing a lot of people to switch from Wintel (spyware and non-stop MSFT critical updates help too.)
    Their shuffle is superbly priced and now they cover the whole spectrum of media players prices (90-450 $).....
    you'd d be crazy to short them...and STOP READING charts for god's sake !!!! have you ever heard about sthg called fundamentals.
    I'm not buying either cause I think they are fully priced and over my "price" limit but looking for what people are ready to pay for EBAY or TZOO...I won't be surprised if the share price heads higher

    N.B : my 2 cents, but The best indicator fro a future share price is always the contrary to what Cramer says....I wonder what he thinks about AAPL...anyone ?
  2. P/E ratio: ~80

    "This time it's different"

  3. sugaree


    on the 60 min chart, it looks like it wants to go higher.
  4. You say its set to go higher, but then say your not buying cause its fully priced. Well, which is it?
  5. I'm not a chart Reader

    I don't give a rat's a** about the 60 min , 1 day, 250 days or whatever charts....

    There has been however, if you have been following AAPL and the retail IT market in general a HUGE change in MOMENTUM in favor of apple, people are just getting SICK of microsoft products....we're not talking here about a couple windows restarts a day, we're taling about your bank accounts and your identity being stolen and your comupter rendered useless because of all the spyware exploiting windows / outlook/ IE...

    The mini over sold out on amazon.com less than one week after release, things are getting better now..and both the mini and the shuffle are getting rave reviews (I spend my time reading IT/ PC magazines websites...)

    P/E is 60, that's why I say it's over my price limit too but It may go higher BUT at the first earnings miss...it'll drop like a stone and I'm not willing to take the risk..
  6. it will go higher ---> some people ready to pay even at considerable P/E premiums cause they like turnarounds and growth stories , that's why I say look at EBAY, it's a superb comapny and a good business model but I won't buy it at that price cause its' "expensive" to me....maybe not to someone else, different people have diff risk tolerances.

    fully priced == My opinion, not willing to take the risk to see it disappoints and fall 20% in one day..
  7. AAPL should have gone out of business years ago. They didn't , and now they are viral.

    You'd be wise to look for better shorting ops.
  8. That AAPL chart proves that "Buy & Hold" works.....LOL!!!!!!!!!! :eek:
  9. The return of Steve Jobs should have been a powerful signal. I read an interview made by BusinessWeek a couple fo months ago and basically he said, the day he left the company to beancounters and marketing guys is the day the company took a turn for the worst...
    he came and brought with him some of the spirit of creativity they had at the start....
    If only someone could save HP this way !!
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