AAPL 200 Not now.. May be in Jan..

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  1. AAPL is not in the news for while.. Still 200 for apple is a it too much right now.. May be we need to wait and see how the holday sales peaking up and go beyond 200 a stable 200 in jan or feb.. 200 now is not gonna be stable..

    Its needing some consolidations now.
  2. if the fed drops half point...aapl definitely over 200. then again, everything will be up...
  3. Apple (AAPL) is sitting on a $15 billion cash hoard. What should they do with it?

    Apple’s newest store — its second-largest in the United States — is opening Friday night in Manhattan’s trendy Meatpacking District, and Apple enthusiasts are already gawking at what Gothamist.com has dubbed “the shiny, new tech haven.” From the looks of the photos Gothamist posted after Thursday’s media sneak peak, showing a three-story, all-glass, spiral staircase, Apple spent a pretty penny on it.

    But whatever the cost, rest assured it’s nothing compared to the huge stash the company is sitting on. In his “Big Tech” column on Friday, Fortune’s John Fortt points out that Apple has about $15.4 billion in the bank. Aside from paying for that staircase, what will the company do with it? Apple, which prides itself on its in-house creativity, has never been one for making large acquisitions. But, Mr. Fortt writes, “if the money just sits there, it smacks of waste.”

    Apple is already among the most cash-rich of the tech companies in the Fortune 500. And if it sells enough computers, iPods and iPhones this holiday shopping season, Apple could easily rake in another billion or so.

  4. I told you
  5. Suss----you should ask AAPL for a 9-figure allocation into your fund. They just might say "yes".
  6. lwlee


    After the big drop today, AAPL held tough with only like a 0.5% drop. Eventually it went down when the selling continued.

    But definitely worth grabbing some if the markets drags it back down.
  7. LOL ! Fantastic idea ! I´ll give Steve a buzz ! As I am planing my X-Mass shopping in NYC, I could just pop in and say "Hello"....:p