AAPL - 200 Jan 2008-A high possiblity!!

Discussion in 'Options' started by stocktrader2007, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. I am starting this thread just to make sure that My path is correct..

    This is 200 at Jan2008.. High possiblity.. Actually 230 might be over priced and 190 is under priced considering the potential of the stock and APPLE INCs performance.

    Here is the justifications!!

    1) iPhone is attractive to many.. Many want to buy it.. Except the cost factor..
    2) AAPL is going to come up with a cost effective iPhone Mini soon..
    3) Mac is improving day by day!!
    4) Leopard coming on October
    5) Europe and Asia deals are not announced yet for iphone and carrier deals.
    6) Holiday season this year end is pending..
    7) iPODS are improved in Numbers..
    8) Awaiting another surprise announcement from AAPL soon!! ( secret :))

    What else... Its high possiblity to touch 200 by jan..
  2. ssmegner


    Going that far OTM is pure speculation. It is hard to match up a pure speculation trade with any attempt at fundamental analysis.
  3. All those things are known pretty well and somewhat priced in dont you think?
  4. That law suit didnt help today