AAPL 15.61% of QQQQ...great option trading opportunity

Discussion in 'Options' started by increasenow, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. AAPL 15.61% of QQQQ...great option trading opportunity...with that kind of % of QQQQ...wow and huge volume, you must consider trading AAPL options...wow
  2. Have you ever met someone that goes by the name of Stocktrad3r?
  3. and AAPL has a HUGE historic volatility of 41.96%
  4. Interesting observation. :)

    I think I might know what you have in mind - if correct I do something similar with Dow vs components - but I'm interested in hearing straight from the horses mouth on what you're thinking.
  5. Can you be more specific?
  6. Sell AAPL puts and buy QQQQ puts?
  7. BigSalad


    And what about the beta - without bothering to look and not being an options trader, I would expect the difference in beta between AAPL and QQQQ to explain the difference in IV.
  8. man!...anyone that loaded up on AAPL at end of day yesterday is IN THE MONEY NOW!!...right now...only looking at AAPL options and QQQQ options and how they play off each other...who leads, who follows etc...bottom line...there is something to the fact that AAPL is 15.61% of NASDAQ 100 (QQQQ, NDX, NQ etc.)...also, both AAPL and QQQQ have huge option volumes...