AAAintheBeltway: I Am A Doofus

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Brass, Jun 28, 2012.

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  2. AAA seems to have had a meltdown today :(.Just imagine how bad its going to be for these guys when Obama wins re election
  3. He's been melted a long damn time. Remember he had a hard on for Palin so bad he wanted her to be president then he was getting his rocks off over Bachmann, two good looking ladies for sure but not presidential material. Then he got pepperoni excited over 999 Herman "Pizzaman" Cain. And even crazier than supporting those three nut jobs he actually thought they could be the republican nominee.
    A proven history of poor judgment.
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    LOL:D Haven't heard that one before.
  5. Four more idiots on ignore.
  6. lol. is your alternate reality getting less crowded?
  7. From the guy whose choice for President was Michelle Bachmann
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    The doofus has spoken.
  9. S

    Sadly, it appears that AAA has gone the way of Gnome and 377. He is aware he is in the minority everywhere he goes with his archaic views. But at least here, he can put people on ignore. He has a good mind, and it is truly unfortunate.
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