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  1. Saints hold on and win with no real production out of a rusty looking Vikes offense during the second half. Vikes need WR help and Favre needs to get more reps and in sync on offense. Vikes defense held up pretty good with the backfield still weak in depth. Vikes should have gone to AP more in the 3rd quarter to get some first downs with Favre looking rusty (first 7 passes in 3rd quarter with no completions).

    So next week the Vikes have Miami at home on Sunday to try and get their first win.....BTW, did I mention how much Bernard Berrian SUCKS!!! :eek: :D
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    I agree with bernard berrian, WTF is with him, he went from the vikings number 1 reciver 2 years ago with Tavarus Jackson, to being an absolute nobody.

    I was hoping the vikes would get Hushmandzaddeh(spelling) and i dont understand why they didnt bet the farm on having him for 1 season, to fill the vacant reciever spot, they know that it is all or nothing this season, so why not do whatever it takes to get a solid, proven reciever. A buddy of mine told me for some reason no team was able to give hushmand... anything besides about 800k because of his guaranteed money through seattle, i dont know enough about league rules to know whether that is true.

    This is going to be a serious up hill climb for our vikes from here, the vikings can only afford to lose 2 more games if they want a legitimate shot at a superbowl this year. They must have the first round buy for favre to win it, in my opinion.
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    My original lock was only greenbay -3, my new lock is the ravens +2.5, the ravens will smoke rex ryan, Rex is my favourite coach(based on personality) but he made a horrible mistake in calling out ray lewis, the ravens will kick the shit out of the jets, ray lewis will rally the troops, rex made a horrible mistake in calling out the leagues best motivator.....this is my only other lock. Sanchez/the jets wont even see this speed bag coming......

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    I went and laid money on the SD, and the Panthers, and laid some extra money on the Ravens as well.

    I was thinking about betting against Jacksonville, i have jacksonville on my my other ticket -2, but i decided to gamble, i actually hate the fact that i have money on jacksonville, i think denver will win that game now.

    I bet way too many games this week but i always get excited week 1.
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  6. Current Record: 0-2

    Week 2 Picks:

    Bal at Cin:

    Line: Bal - 1

    Pick Bal

    Comment: Back to back road games in the NFL are usually killer. Plus its Cin hope opener. So of course, I am going to pick the Ravens. The Ravens D plays well on the road and will probably give its offense a much shorter field to work with.

    Tampa at Car

    Line: Car -3.5

    Pick: Car

    Comment: I dont think Car is going to turn the ball over 5 times in this game, like they did in NY. Look for a big ground game from Car as they roll over Tampa.
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    I went 3-4 on the week, and 2-0 on my locks, i basically get what i deserve for getting far too excited and betting far too many games opening week. I basically broke even because i always bet more on games i think are locks.

    It was definately a tough week for spread betting alot of upsets this week, who the hell would have pegged Seattle manhandling Sanfrancisco. Is Pete Carroll for real this time?

    I actually was thinking the exact same as you on both those 2 picks, i saw the ravens line at -2 i would be delighted if i get that game at -1, internet spreads always vary lots. I will have to wait and see what my bookie gives me.

    There is not alot of good spreads out there this week.

    The only other one i have been eye balling is Philly -6 against the lions, but that is putting alot of faith in Vick, who could be somewhat of a random factor. The whole game will come down to what he is able to do but i have a feeling he has been itching for his chance and he must know this is it, he is basically fighting for a decent chance at starting spot at any point in his career in the next game or 2, so he will either fold or light it up.

    I wouldnt consider any of these games locks, but i agree that these are the three best spreads.

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    Week 2 spreads.

    9/19 1:00 ET At Cleveland -2 Kansas City
    9/19 1:00 ET At Green Bay -13 Buffalo
    9/19 1:00 ET Baltimore -2 At Cincinnati
    9/19 1:00 ET At Tennessee -5 Pittsburgh
    9/19 1:00 ET Philadelphia -6 At Detroit
    9/19 1:00 ET At Dallas -7.5 Chicago
    9/19 1:00 ET At Carolina -3.5 Tampa Bay
    9/19 1:00 ET At Atlanta -6.5 Arizona
    9/19 1:00 ET At Minnesota -5.5 Miami
    9/19 4:05 ET At Oakland -3.5 St. Louis
    9/19 4:05 ET At Denver -3.5 Seattle
    9/19 4:15 ET Houston -3 At Washington
    9/19 4:15 ET At San Diego -7 Jacksonville
    9/19 4:15 ET New England -3 At NY Jets
    9/19 8:20 ET At Indianapolis -5.5 NY Giants

    Monday Night Football Point Spread

    9/20 8:35 ET New Orleans -5.5 At San Francisco
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    Ok here is my thoughts on this weeks spreads. There are alot of tough spreads out there this week, not much to pick from, but then again, usually i try to play a tighter game but i get overzealous in week 1, so maybe it is just a step back to reality for me. :D

    First pick Baltimore -2 Over Cincinatti (rehoboth had it at -1 dont know what my bookie will give me.

    This one is going to be a tough game, but Flaccos actually looked better in week1 then the stats let on, and I really think the Jets have the best defense in football.

    If we break this game down piece by piece here is what it comes down to.

    Quarterbacks Joe Flacco vs. Carson Palmer, advantage Flacco

    Recievers: Pretty much tied, Anqaun Boldin is the best of the 4 recievers, and the best in the league once he has the ball in his hands, 2nd and third go to Ocho and T.O. fourth goes to Housh.

    Running: Ravens clearly have the advantage here, they were put up against the Jets in week 1 so the numbers didnt show

    Defense: Again i got to say the advantage goes to the Ravens.

    Cincinatti: has home field, so it comes down to a 3-2 win for the ravens.

    Only thing which worries me a bit is whether the ravens will come out flat, as they had the tendency to bounce back and foreword last year. Still i dont think the bookies give the Ravens anywhere near the respect they deserve and im a Steeler Fan.

    Winner: Ravens -2, could be only -1

    Second game Carolina at home -3.5 vs. Tampa Bay.

    I said earlier i had no locks but im considering changing my mind for this game. Rehoboth summed it up, i cant see Carolina pulling 5 turnovers again, this was brutal to watch last week, i kept flipping back and foreword between Carolina Newyork, and Jacksonville Denver and it seemed every time i changed the channel back to the Carolina game it was a new fumble or interception.

    1 less interception in the endzone, and Carolina could have won that game not just covered the spread.

    Not much analysis needed, Carolina is at home this week, vs a weak Bucs team, that barely beat the browns in week 1, Carolina should roll.

    I am making this game a lock.

    Winner: Carolina -3.5 Lock.

    Third Pick Philadelphia -6 at Detroit.

    Detroit is missing their starting QB, which has to be somewhat of a downer for the entire team, plus they have a young defense. I really think this is Vicks week to prove himself and he must know what this is worth. I cant see a young detroit defense being able to figure out how to cover Vick, Vick shone last week when he came in and he looked like the Michael Vick of old, last year he was a step slower, and a pass shorter, no leg or arm speed. I think he proved himself pretty well in week 1, and i really think he is going to come out and shine this week. Expect to see a motivated Michael Vick

    Detroit defense relies on pass rush and again i will reiterate, i can not see them being able to figure out Vick. This whole game will come down to Vicks play so it is somewhat in the air, but i have to pick three games a week so this is the only other one i kind of liked.

    Winner Eagles -6

    Obviously im holding off on this bet till saturday to make sure it is infact Vick who is starting, If Kolb decides to suck it up and play out of fear of losing his job, all bets on philadelphia are off as kolb will not be able to practice all week.

    Picks: Ravens -2 or -1 (havent talked to bookie)
    Carolina -3.5 (lock which means double the bet)
    Philadelphia -6

    Good luck to everyone in week 2! It would be nice if we attracted some more spread betters to this thread, in years past we had 5-10 people participating. I guess in this tough stock market, the gambling junkies are saving money :D
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  10. I don't see a lot this week. I think GB giving 13 is pretty rich, but just to have a reason to turn on the TV, I'll go with them. They put up 27 in Philly, while Buffalo struggled to move the ball at home against Miami. I'm a little concerned about the GB injury situation, with CB Woodson and OT Clifton hobbled and held out of practice. Of course they lost RB Ryan Grant last week.
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