AAAintheBeltway honorary 2010 NFL thread.

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    First off i will start off by apologising to AAAintheBeltway, as most of you know he has been the best commentator pertaining to NFL spread betting commentary over the last couple NFL seasons. I did not know whether or not he would be able to participate this season so i decided to start this thread in his name this season. If he decides to participate then we can change the name soon after and we will.

    Anyways, good luck too all the spread betting NFL junkies this season, and lets make it happen! Please everyone place your spread bets, with analysis included with how you are doing against the spread thus far this season. Good luck to all and lets have a great 2010 season!

    Here is my week 1 commentary:

    First pick Cleveland +2 over Tampa

    My thoughts are not that cleveland is a dynamo, it is simply that tampa is a more horrendous team, Cleveland had to deal with a QB situation where they had a choice between derek anderson and brady quinn last season, Delhomme should atleast be a guy capable of getting the ball to the good people in the Browns offense, which basically entails getting the ball to Josh Cribbs, or jerome harrison. The bucs are still playing josh freeman, and i dont expect that to work out. Normally i dont make a habit of betting between 2 shitty teams, and picking the better one, as it can be a tough choice, but week one i think the spreads can be off, and there is money to be made.

    Take Cleveland +2

    Second pick Jacksonville -2 over denver.

    What else can you say here? Denver once again shedded a whole ton of offensive talent under McDaniels for the second year in a row, and i really dont see who the broncos expect to get the ball to with brandon marshall missing. I also expect a little bit of backlash in the denver dressing room, i have been there before and watched a player on my team fight with a coach, (this was minor hockey) and i have watched a coach shed a talented player to create his own team, the team does not take well to it. I cant see denver players responding well to McDaniels destruction of the denver team, denver is in rebuilding mode.

    Take Jacksonville-2

    Third pick GB +1 over Philly

    I couldnt even believe this spread came in with my booky, this is an absolute no brainer bet the farm, your house, and your kids/wife(depending on how much you like them) Philly has made so many changes in the offseason including putting Kolb in at QB and Greenbay can only be expected to get better at this point, this is a no brainer if they give you a point plus greenbay TAKE GREENBAY!!! Nothing else needs to be said. I would think the legitimate spread to be around greenbay -5 or 6 so if you can bet more on a different/higher spread do it. This game is an absolute lock, if you get Green Bay +1 bet it.

    Take Green Bay + 1

    Fourth Pick SF over Seattle, no spread, the game is even.

    Seattle just lost houshmandzaddah or however you spell his name, plus they have an aging QB in Hasselbeck, and an unproven coach in carrol. I cant see how they can possibly be a better team this year. Sanfran just got a year older with a young team, and a year better, seems like san fran should win. Again i dont make a habit of picking the better team between 2 shitty ones, but i think in week 1-4 you can make money doing this.

    Take sanfrancisco, no points.

    Fifth Pick Baltimore +3 over the Jets

    The jets have looked horrendous in pre season, LT hasnt done shit, mark sanchez hasnt done shit, and they just signed darrell revis today so he will still be rusty, The ravens on the other hand now have one of the best recieving cores in the leagues with hushmandzaddah(however you spell it) Anquan Boldin, and derrick mason, as well as arguably one of the best running attacks in football.

    Take baltimore +3

    Below are my pics, but my only lock would be Greenbay +1, i will track both my locks, as well as my actual weekly picks just to show that if you bet only on games which are no brainers you can win way greater then 60%

    Browns +2
    GB+1 LOCK
    SF even
    Ravens +3

    Good luck to all in the 2010 spread betting season, and cheers to AAAinthebeltway!
  2. i'll give you he's a good bullshitter but he couldn't pick his nose
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    Please just include your pics, nothing else. That is what this thread is all about.

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    Both lines were drawn on sunday..... with my bookie, i guess i got lucky with hush leaving in Seattle. I will gladly repick for the sake of this thread later on this week, like i said earlier i would take GB -6 in that game. So nothing has changed.... so quit being a knob and put up some picks of your own. I will also still take san fran -3 for the sake of this thread, so there we go i take both picks the same by your spread, thanks for being the worlds biggst hero.

    You are trying to knictpick on week 1 spreads when every single gambler knows they fluctuate more then any week besides week 17 in the season so get a life and screw off.
  5. Just trying to keep you in check Hello. No one likes a handicapper who makes up lines to get a higher but false winning percentage.

    If you really got those lines, you should go to matchbook and hedge them out right now.

    Also as a side note, matchbook is without a doubt the best way for someone in the us to bet.
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    I can assure yuo i am not a "false handicapper" i bet on all this early sunday morning/late saturday night, i understand the sanfran game changing since then, but i do not understand what did it to the greenbay one since i bet, other then everyone piling on greenbay, like i said earlier for the sanctity of the thread i will take san fran at your numbers, and greenbay as welll, but one of the things about spread betting is betting early when you get a good line, so think what you want, but i stand by my numbers, because that is what i have on my ticket.

    Also greenbay is still a lock -3 i would take greenbay as a lock -7 like i said eaelier, this is an easy bet so learn something and make some money instead of trying to screw with me.
  7. Like the thread. As long as it stays civil it should be fun to track our picks throughout the year. Will post Wednesday evening.
  8. Cool, thanks.

    How many picks do you want from the betting public per week. I cant whip out as many as you did.
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