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  1. I was holding a few thousand shares of DJ a week or so ago right after the earnings report. My basis was 36 and change. It didnt move the way I wanted, so I sold. Now DJ is up 40 percent on a takeover at 60 bucks a pop!!!!

  2. I`m wondering why you sold it? It barely traded under your CB.

    Tough luck...:eek:
  3. could be worse. a guy in my office got short at 36.5 with an automated program. covered just before it was halted.
  4. Im a momentum trader not buy/hold. I was expecting a bigger pop after the call because there was lots of shorts. The earnings call was good, but it didnt give the stock the pop it needed. It proceeded to trade flat to down in the days to follow. Sometimes it pays to buy/hold...sometimes it doesnt pay...;)
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    How the heck can do they do that intraday? :( That's kinda scary if you were daytrading it and were short... has anyone ever seen anything like that happen?

    Stops obviously don't work until you're already like 30% into the red... LOL :(
  6. That sux for sure.
  7. asap


    i guess your cup and handle theory didnt pay out here, eh?
  8. he's on the phone with the xchange. the last new york print was literally one second after he got filled on his short. I highly doubt if it'll get broken though.
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    so much for all these envelope programs and pair trades

    we all knew this was coming
  10. Yup. It'll take alot of 30 centers to make that back.
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