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  1. This is going to be an "intraday" journal. My excuses beforehand for any random rambling which might occur and for my not-perfect english.

    I am trading the esx today. It's more liquid, due to higher relative tick size i suppose.. and it's acting like a bitch, as almost always, no room for mistakes there. Well, I like a challenge :)

    63 rt's as we speak, up 4 ticks..
  2. the dax is a nice confirmation vehicle.. sometimes the esx follows the dax.. i expect a slow market untill the retail sales come out. trading accordingly, sitting on the bid or ask and waiting for somebody who is unpatient and uninformed to hit my bid or lift my offer.
  3. it feels like the thing wants to break out.. continously scratching my lifted offers.. 65 rt's now, still 4 ticks up
  4. f*ck me, just thought i had an easy short, the thing just perks up like a hippie on xtc.

    I always wonder: is this just random or is there really some buying pressure by 1 or more institions in the stockmarket or what. there we go, esx @ hod
  5. short from 39 should i keep this one?
  6. took 3 ticks now up 6 and 75 rts
  7. ps. the "journal" is for everyone who likes to ramble on eurex and or liffe trading..
  8. lost 4 ticks because i wasn't paying attention, talking to someone up 2 ticks now
  9. and taking a break brb
  10. Do you have a multiple monitor or multiple computer setup for your trading and discussion forum posting?

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