Aaaahahaah Dow will go to 20 000, but your money won't buy nothing.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mikasa, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. mikasa


    whenever the market wants to go down

    FED comes in and pushes it up by banging on keyboard
    and holding zeros

    I can't believe they are gonna sacrifice any and all savings
    just to see market soar

    this just isn't funny anymore, and I am long not short

    so good luck pinning me as short positioned loser

    seriously guys, this isn't funny anymore :mad:

    it was funny 4 months ago, not anymore
  2. mikasa


    don't you people realize there is going to be
    a price for this,

    there is no such thing as free lunch, remember :cool:
  3. It was? I guess I missed the punchline...

    Why don't you hedge your USD exposure if that's what's worrying you? There are solutions to every problem.
  4. OP - cold/C-kid
  5. mikasa


    I will be fine, I am worried about the people

    the middle class

    I am worried US will become Mexico, middle class eroded
  6. mikasa


    dig through my history one of those early threads when
    you didn't know who I was

    you'll find a thread with 64 posts and 4000-5000 views

    I don't expect you to understand this Ivan, But I am more
    valuable to ET than you

    sorry :D
  7. mikasa


    oh one more thing

    Are you saying that this thread is false BECAUSE I am c-kid

    see this is why I realized you can't be much of a trader

    real trader has to be objective, think about it rodina boy
  8. there wont be inflation coz no one is making any money
  9. No. Just letting anyone who might take you seriously know that you're the same lunatic who can't stay away from ET after 1000 or so usernames and being ridiculed time and time again.