AA halted ready for blast off

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Aaron Copland, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. A metal company must be doing kick ass for sure.
  2. gobar


    no kick ass for AA

    Actual First Call Yr Ago Yr/Yr Rev
    Alcoa AA 0.48 0.79

    earning reduced for AA.
  3. its only a 30 billion dollar company. It's no IBM or wallmart.
  4. I am showing time and sales at 38.05 is that correct. You would think they would do well in this environment.
  5. This market is so screwd up all we have done all friggen year is sit in a rage, now for the last 4 days we get a huge run up overnight then dump all day into the close. maybe it's the sell in MAY BOYS
  6. Halts are so rigged, lets the specialist get off easy.
  7. missed earnings by .04
  8. Open it after the index futures close I bet
  9. Futures flat. AA earnings almost non event.
  10. Is it really halted?

    I am seeing no movement after earnings.
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