“A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take ev

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  1. It appears that the current administration is willing and able to exercise an abuse of power by imposing after the fact taxes on the financial banking community.

    This was a quote written by Gerald Ford, thought to be originate by THomas Jefferson with a later derivate by Ronald Reagan "If we've learned anything, it is that GOVERNMENT THAT IS BIG ENOUGH TO GIVE YOU EVERYTHING YOU WANT IS MORE LIKELY TO SIMPLY TAKE EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT. And that's not freedom, that's servitude. That isn't the way Americans were meant to live."

    I agree that the banking system was bailed out. However, the negotiations of the time should have been done prior. It can become very dangerous when it becomes precedent that the government can arbitrarily create taxes and seizure.

    Brendan P. Byrne
  2. Did ford say that before he bumped his head or fell down the aircraft boarding stairs.:D
  3. It's funny how you quote Reagan on big government. Reagan grew government more than almost any post WWII president besides Bush II. What politicians say and what they actually do often don't match.
  4. *until 2009
  5. I saw an old man parking an old pickup truck at my breakfast diner this morning....HUGE bumper sticker on the tailgate read
    "Any man who supports a Govt. that can take away his child is a fool".
    I guess the poor old guy lost a son in 'Nam..

    Most of my favorite quotes wrt our Govt come from John Adams.
    They're not happy, and promise no hope.
    I'm trying to be positive,and remember we still have the opportunity to be pretty much whatever we want to be here in the US. And make a fortune or establish our own empire, however big we want it.
  6. you're dealing with congenital right wing retards on this board who think any govt. that is not of the cancerous republican kind is a bad govt.

    They forget every republican cancer afflicting the WH sucessively increased govt size while pushing America closer to bankruptcy with their failed borrow and spend policies.

    Another hilarious observation is not one of these congenital retards posted anything on govt size and govt lies while Bush infested the WH for 8 years with his retarded presence and his republican minions in congress ballooned the govt size to all time highs.

    These people are part and parcel of Ronald Reagan's Good Rhetoric, Bad Policies, and Vile Followers. They live in a vile fantasy world. If Jesus was alive today, these vile people would disown him as being too "liberal".

  7. It is good that we don't all think alike. If everyone thought like me, we would be in trouble.
  8. I agree with him. We should have let some companies fail, and have a meaningful recovery.

    Capitalist should be the back stop, not the government. That's an opinion.

    Brendan P. Byrne

  9. How the hell would you know? Weren't you still sucking your thumb and wetting your diapers when Reagan was President.
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