AA earnings after the bell

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by S2007S, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. S2007S


    Expect them to just beat earnings by a mile!!!!

    Upgrades coming by the AM!!!!

    Add that to the VZ "mystery" event tomorrow announcing the iphone and tomorrow your looking at the dow getting even closer to dow 12000!!!!
  2. lol, another forecast gone awry.

    down 2%
  3. I shorted into the halt... the price action said down to me.

    I came on here waiting for it to open back up... saw this thread and thought... nice... I'm on the right side hahaha
  4. We need a one day shake'n'bake. Been needing that for about a month. If this gives it to us, that'll be nice.
  5. are you a fake trader? I wanna see a picture of your trade.

    kind of like my etrade screenshots i post when I trade. show me the money.

    i put a pic as example of one trade i did today. do the same.
  6. Fake trader... hahaha. See my journal... there are enough screenshots there to show I'm not.

    I just took small size. I did it more to see if my read on the stock was right. Haven't been taking much risk this month as I don't see the $$ there at the moment.
  7. Actually after reading your other posts... ignore my reply. Pretend like I don't exist