AA boy RCG sure has been scarce lately

Discussion in 'Politics' started by PHOENIX TRADING, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. He hasn't been completely absent but he sure has cooled his heels a bit lately.

    What's wrong cat got yer tongue?

    unemployment rates got you down? :D
  2. pspr


    He's either waiting for the stars to align or he's waiting for an Obama dump of money into his trading account.

    Food stamps, RCG, food stamps. I hear you can use those EBT cards to buy anything.
  3. He didn't wait for that to be spouting off like a lil crackhead 1&2 weeks ago.

    I wonder what's changed... his magic underwear?

    Myself I don't expect a trading opportunity until after the bullish response and inevitable downdraft created by a conclusion of the fiscal cliff nonsense.

    I'm worried about the boy, too much reality can't be a good thing for his fragile ego to absorb.
  4. Earlier today I was wondering if next year I could qualify for the earned income credit scam ?
  5. pspr


    As Lucrum mentioned, I wonder how he makes money trading every day when it is obvious he doesn't trade even every week - if ever.
  6. pspr


    Of course you can. Just change your last name to Gonzalas and claim a couple dozen people in Mexico as your dependents.
  7. Our token AFFIRMATIVE ACTION BOY, hasn't posted once, yet again in a 24hr time period.

    wow , he's gotta be circling the drain, probably brain storming a new ID or about to reactivate a sleeper one.
  8. Lucrum


    You can't hide that kind of lying stupidity behind a new alias. He'd be recognized within a day or so.
  9. pspr


    He'll show up and claim he had a hard drive crash. Of course, his holy grail was on that drive and he didn't make a backup. So, he'll have to call off the trading competition. But he would have wiped both you guy's asses if he didn't have the computer problem. :D
  10. Lucrum


    After all his bold claims, promises, bluster and bravado....nothing. Absolutely nothing.
    #10     Dec 6, 2012