A0L will trade again

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  1. yes, its coming.

    Short it to zero.

    what kind of imbecile uses A0L in 2009?
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    AOL at one time in 1999 owned the internet.

    AOL is like dead. talk about bad management or planned bankruptcy.

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    a little fact, AIM AOL keeps going strong.
  4. In a lot of ways, AOL is superior to Yahoo. AOL finance has better screeners and more news headlines then Yahoo.

    There were a few stocks that I had no idea what was going on with price and then I turned to AOL Finance which has theflyonthewall updates and AOL had everything I wanted. Scanning through the AOL interface I found quite a few areas that were better then Yahoo. The AOL interface seems more flashy and easier to use. The email in AOL is also more colorful and friendlier looking then Yahoo's. AOL also has a blogging system and several other things.

    I do see people around me from time to time using AOL and even the old AOL software.

    I use Yahoo primarily for everything, but I can see why AOL is still arround. Its still in competition with Yahoo and Google.

    However, I see AOL probably getting spun off at a very high price and then trading down for quite a while.
  5. Tom1am


    I remember seeing the screenshot of Steve Case and the Time Warner dude holding their hands high above their heads in victory shortly after their merger, as everybody in the audience was cheering.

    CNBC David Faker reported on the merger with intensity, pumping the new combined company daily.

    A few years later, David Faker's new piece on the matter was entitled "How AOL Took Time Warner."

    ...just coming in to bayonet the wounded, I guess.
  6. S2007S


    haha aol, they had the audience and lost them all. Who the hell would be buying back into aol again.

    Talk about 1990's all over again, this is getting quite pathetic.
  7. Arnie


    I'll never forget when this thing first came public. Back then there were 2 or 3 other internet providers (national)....can't recall names. Anyway, all the analysts on teevee said this thing was dead on arrival because it looked liked the others had a lock. Boy were they wrong.
  8. Compuserve ?

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    I'm in Canada, and there is only two viable ISP for residential customers. For me it's only one. in theory the ISP own the internet.

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    That was one, may have been the biggest at the time.
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