A Writing To Be Framed, and Put In Every Trading Room!

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    "Subscribers here by thousands float,
    And jostle one another down,
    Each paddling in his leaky boat,
    And here they fish for gold and drown.

    Now buried in the depths below,
    Now mounted up to heaven again,
    They reel and stagger to and fro,
    At their wit's end, like drunken men.

    Meantime, secure on Garraway cliffs,
    A savage race, by shipwrecks fed,
    Lie waiting for the foundered skiffs,
    And strips the bodies of the dead."

    This was Mr. Swift's exclamation and comparison of Change Alley to a gulf in the South Sea.

    Quoted from "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" , published in 1841.

    Jesse Livermore read this book and then wrote his.

    This, to me is the embodiment of a monthly chart of the NDX.
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    "Much like a coral reef, profits in new technologies are build on the bones of the losers who died first. In each case, it took *at least* two generations before the real money was made. And in each case, it was in a far different way than the people of the time envisioned. The investors, thousand of start-up companies and millions of shareholders
    all lost out."
    -The Wall Street Underground
  3. Jai,

    With all due respect, but didn't you jump all over a trader about saying something to the effect of, "the market treated me badly today" ????......negative self talk etc....

    and now you want to hang a copy of this in the trading room.:confused:

    lol, that seems a bit rough :) I'd hate to have to read that every day.



    Hey Plum,

    You are one of the sharpest tools in the ET shed :) and that's why you caught me :eek: It does seem contradicting from your perspective, but "I" believe that it' such a wonderful and timeless piece of history. When I read it makes me more humble. When I hung it in my various office(s) over the years, some visitors actually got a real feeling for what my day is like in the markets....consider yourself "secure on a Garraway cliff, not having fished for gold and drowned." That's the silver lining in such a dark cloud. ;)

    Always great chatting with you Plum! Good night.


    Thanks for a great reply. I believe that many "market participants" can get buried in the depths below.

    Getting the interviews available on the website, not only involves converting the video from analog to digital (avi, mpeg, etc.) but also getting written permission from the channel, the producers and the interviewers of the show to replay.

    In the meantime, my staff is researching other options. I get a lot of mixed feelings on the TradingScience logo. Thanks for your time. Have a great day!
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    i just want to know:

    what is the 2nd 'being' in your evolution picture on your site?

    that thing looks scary!

  9. Hmmmm.....the closer I look at it.....- the more it resembles...... *Alice* from "The Brady Bunch" :D
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    Roses are red, Violets are blue,
    I suck at trading, so do you.
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