A wishlist to trading Santa (this is a magical thread)

Discussion in 'Trading' started by newguyintown, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. Yes, this is a magical thread. Don't believe in magic? How naive of you. At the end of this thread, every brokerage firm out there will read our wishes and grant them to us. Instantly. Trading Santa will make it so. He operates in summer, not Christmas, so don't worry we're good on that front. No more frustration in dealing with sub-par brokers. They'll transform their firms according to these wishes. Thank God for magic. Or else we would have to stay frustrated with our brokerage firms for a long time. So here are my top 5 wishes, in order of importance. State yours too... the more we let our voices be heard, the quicker trading Santa will get on this.

    Top 5 wishlist:

    5- If I wanted spam email I would have registered on the email list of an info marketer. You're a brokerage firm. Act like it.

    4- Have a back-end trade reporting system that's not from the 1990's.

    3- Have a back-end trade reporting system.

    2- It won't kill you to have a friendly tone with someone who is providing your living. Be nice. I'm your customer.

    1- Give me a fair commission structure. I may be no genius, but there's something called twitter. And blogs. Eventually I'm going to find out that much smaller traders are getting better commissions.

    Disclaimer: This wishlist is not targeted at a specific brokerage firm, but rather at a compilation of them over the years. Thankfully, there's so many of them to provide great content.

    But on a serious note, what's most important for you as a trader that you wish your brokerage firm did better? Top 5. No need to be cynical like me. Trading Santa likes everyone.