A winning strategy?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by interdigital, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. I have shown that I don't know how to daytrade. So how about if I try writing a program to simulate my "system". And when the program determines a good shorting point according to my "system", then the program will enter a buy order, and when the program determines a good covering point according to my "system", then the program will enter a sell order. Should be pretty profitable, no? :)
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    you can also turn your charts/monitor up-side-down. Works just as well !
  3. LOL, what a great idea!

    But seriously, if most traders really do consistently lose money, then it shouldn't be too hard to program a system based on the average money-losing trader's tendencies. Forget about trying to come up with a winning system. Just take a losing system, and do the opposite.

    Of course, I may end up being too lazy to write the program and just rotate my monitor around! :D
  4. Well i guess you can write any system you want, it just wont help, because your winers are very small compare to the losers .I'm pretty sure that you right on market direction as much as you wrong, however when you have a winner you just taking that winner way to soon and when you have a loser you just hold that loser wayyyyyyyy..... to long, its that simple.I know from experience. Good luck wit the system though.