A Way For Republicans To Kill Obama Health Bill.

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    At least 2 GOP Senators should go to Obama and say they will commit 100% to vote yes on the bill in the Senate. This would allow the Democrats to take reconciliation off the table for the Senate vote, so it would once again take a 60 vote threshold to pass over any filibuster. Since reconciliation is something the Democrats really don't want to use, they would be doing cartwheels to have 2 Republicans saying their on board.****Then when the Senate vote takes place, the "ALL" GOP Senators vote no. The bill would then be dead!!! The 2 GOP Senators could then say that they never agreed to anything with Obama on supporting the bill. They would be looked at as hero's by the majority of America that doesn't want this bill. Is this political sabotage? You bet it is, but so what? Anything should be done to kill this bill, no matter how unethical it may be. Since the majority of the country doesn't want this jammed down their throats, having the GOP pull this stunt would make them instant hero's, and would not have any repercussions against their party in the November elections. In fact, it would get them even more votes, so this is a win/win situation for them to pull it off. :D
  2. You're not very bright, are you...
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    I know this potential strategy bothers/worries you libertards doesn't it? lol :D

  4. Your 1st post...You're off to a bad start
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    Awwwwwwwww! Another worried libertard. lol
  6. You must be on to something. The libtards have their panties in a bunch
    over the creativity and ingenuity of doing right and correcting wrong for America in your suggestion.
  7. Its the GOP that is scared

    Millions who could never get health insurance will be able to now

    Millions don't have to worry about insurance companies dropping them when they get sick

    Millions don't have to worry about insurance companies denying their claims

    Millions don't have to worry about going bankrupt over medical bills

    When this bill takes effect millions will realize what a good thing it is,and they wont forget that The GOP tried to stop it and the lies they told and fear tactics they used to try to stop it

    The GOP took a big gamble and it failed.They will pay a huge price for doing so
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    if the GOP could elbow the leftist morons off the edge of the world and pass some legislation to make insurers act decently towards all the stakeholders they would be the heroes..
  9. Did something change ? The reason "....millions who could never get health insurance will be able now....." is due to the fact that it will be law that every person buy health insurance under penalty of law, enforced by the good thugs at the IRS.
  10. Yup, GOP working against insurers, that's going to happen :D :D
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