A Wasted Life

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    These people who expend so much energy hatemongering other races and religions and nationalities. What wasted lives they lead.

  2. is it time to start banning the likes of dddooo? i am not ready to support that yet, although i am very tired of his hate and race baiting.
  3. If only people would spend their energy worrying about Britney instead. Sigh...
  4. you mean like the preacher in the baptist church i used to attend? muslims are going to hell, jews are going to hell, mormans are all going to hell, catholics are all going to hell.
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    No, not like him. He was just speaking the truth. If you have any questions, Rcan will clear it all up for you.

    Glad I could help.

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    Me too;
    glad you could help ,Turok.

    Personaly i find that hard to believe a Baptist preacher said ''all Catholics are going to hell''.True the Roman Catholic ''church'' unquote has pretty sorry/mean lengthy record when it comes to Christians/Jews.

    And even in Mexico, recently Catholic ''church'' has given other Christians hell on earth, for leaving catholic Church;
    & give Hebrews a hell of a hard time for charging interest.Catholics are willingly ignorant of much of Bible.

    But surely no one goes to hell just for merely attending that Catholic church;
    but strange the number of perverts sucessfully sued in that church however.:mad:
  7. after 50 years as a baptist i can tell you that they teach catholics are going to hell because they pray to mary instead of jesus.
    here is a piece of material from my old church:

    "One out of every four people in America belongs to the largest cult in the world – and that cult is the Roman Catholic Church. Not knowing the righteous that comes from God, Roman Catholics have sought to establish their own, rejecting the finished work on the cross. Oh, for just one Pastor in the region to sound the alarm. Read the papers. Roman Catholics are dying every day and will spend an eternity in the lake of fire because they have followed a way that seems right to them -- but in the end it leads to death."
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    This man claims that, according to the bible, the Catholic Church is the Antichrist!
  9. How strange, jesus never personally endorsed any of these churches, nor the various versions of the bible, nor did mary, nor did he endorse judaism or the pharisees.

    Does this mean their all going to hell?
    What a load.

    Btw, anyone notice the serbs setting fire to the us embassy?
    Great haters, the serbs-among the best in the business.
  10. As a rule of thumb, the world is anti-Christ.
    The world is Christ, upside down, backwards masked, inside out, and opposite himself.
    Most of what passes for Christianity is anti-Christ.
    None of this changes the fact that everything is Christ 'within'.
    The Kingdom is within, and the world is without, so-to-speak.
    Heaven and hell.
    Choose your home carefully.
    Heaven is Christ's home.
    Hell is his home away from home.
    He cannot serve two masters.
    Neither can a bowman pull two bows.
    These are opposites.
    Both are in the mind of Christ.
    Yet a 'house' divided against itself cannot stand.
    Fallen, Christ seems to be a 'miserable sinner'.
    A miserable sinner requires magic for salvation.
    Sacrifice is a form of magic.
    Most churches/synagogues serve the god of this world through magic.
    Beware the leaven of the Pharisees.
    Beware their old wineskins.
    I bring 'new' wine, which eye has not seen, nor ear heard.
    Yet I speak of Home.
    I speak of things more ancient than time.
    I speak of the end of time.
    What is not with me is against me.
    I am Christ.
    I am what is.
    The world is what I am not.

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