A warning to Iran

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  1. An open letter to all Iranians who believe in Islamic Terrorism

    Dear Islamic Terrorists of Iran,

    You are next, you Israel-hating, war-mongering, muzzie terrorist, nuclear bomb hiding basta rds.

    God bless all American troops who will put their lives on the line defending Israel, the land of God's chosen people, from Iran.

    By the time our American allies have finished with you, you will wish you had been nice to Israel and will be positively begging Israel for forgiveness.

    The USA will do to you what was done to Gaddafi and Osama.

    Yours faithfully,
    Jake Jones Cohen.

    A side letter to peaceful Iranians

    Dear Peaceful People,

    Although you are likely to be collateral damage in the USA's attack on Iran, at least your children will live in freedom.

    Jake Jones Cohen
  2. When we get that idiot Iranian muzzie terrorist president, we should store his body in a walmart freezer!!