A warning to all..... WE NEED TO ELECT SARAH PALIN

Discussion in 'Politics' started by lilduckling, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. It has just dawned on me......... we are all in great danger!! Only Sarah can muster the necessary forces of good to keep the forces of evil away!

    I am speaking of the dangers we will face with witches.... warlocks..... and other spawns of Satan that will run amuck in our society if she and McCain do not get elected.

    They will set up a committee to search and hunt down people who may be in league with the devil.... with special court trials set up just to deal with them.....

    Also, I have it from a reliable source, that Palin is working on a plan, to recruit polar bears to help fight terrorism.... an idead from the film "Golden Compass"

    Only thing, I'm not really crazy about, is the rumor that Palin will introduce a bill to ban all dinosaur fossils from being displayed in museums. Also the discovery channel would be available as a pay per view channel only.

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