A war between Japan China US would fix our issues.

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  1. Hopefully the Japanese and Chinese hotpoint boils over and a war is formed where we have to get involved.

    This will reset the situation, and wake up the US to the truth. Once this happens we will get back to basics and factories jobs will come back.

    Our economy will grow organically once again.
  2. oh the stupidity.
  3. The Japanese are at a disadvantage here, Chinese ships are operating comparatively close to Mainland China as opposed to Japan. The islands are just off the coast of Taiwan, 200km from the Chinese mainland and 400 km from the Japanese mainland.

    Thus, A full assortment of ground based cruise missiles and other implements together with military airbases throughout China will be available to support them. Essentially, Mainland China becomes a gigantic aircraft carrier.

    There is no way logistically Japan can take them out unless American forces intervene. The 7th fleet can do some serious damage to the Chinese coasts for sure but at what cost? Quite a few will most certainly be sunk by the barrage of sunburns or surface to surface missiles by the Chinese 2nd Artillery Corp. Are Americans willing to die drowning thousands of miles from home for a few uninhabited rocks?
  4. if americans ever got into a war with a real powerhouse we would not come out so good. we are soft and without our technological advantage we would not be too tough. look how we fight now. we just spent 10 years chasing at most a thousand al quadia and we still have not secured the country. dont think other countries havent noticed.
  5. We would intervene. Any attack on by China on Taiwan or Japan automatically gets us involved.

    This would be the brushfire that would clear out things.

  6. What are you talking about...we got the taliban out of power in afganistan in about a week. The leadership of Iraq was destroyed after about 2 weeks. The rest of these years have just been trying to chase them down. A war with china would be against the country, not a bunch of people hiding and taking pot shots at americans every chance they get. It was like when Rome was going around conquering all those countries, but they couldnt defeat Ireland because the Irish just took pot shots and ran and hid. A country with an actual army with soldiers, tanks and all that wouldnt stand a chance against us.
  7. I know. For a start America needs China and Japan for its economy. It is more likely any intervention would be to stop the war.
  8. Debt jubilee will have the same effect.
  9. Yeah, a war between nuclear powers is a terrific idea.

    Who shoots first?
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    only idiots see solutions to problems by creating war. pathetic!
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