A vote for Mitt Romney is a Vote for Barack Obama

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  1. Yeah I said it.
    None of you 'staunch Conservatives' could even fathom voting Romney just 4 years ago.
    You still dislike him, but you Dislike the other guy so much that you once again Find yourselves holding your nose at the voting booth.
    Have you no integrity?
    Do you really feel like an important piece of this puzzle when you vote for someone because he is LESS BAD than another?
    No wonder turnout is so low. Most people have caught on.
    How come you haven't yet?
  2. Why don't you democraps just stay home (on election day nov 7th) , since the election is already over according to you?
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    Dude that is fuuunny!
    Prepare to be cussed out and told how wrong you are.
    They just wake up on voting day, go to their polling location and do whatever the Republican machine tells them to do.
    Man, I'm glad I'm not a brain-dead-FOX News-Zombie.

    Oh, yeah...They'll put you on ignore, too.
    And, like who gives a shit?
    (in 4th grade girly voice...): "Ooooo, I don't like what you say and think. I'm puttin' you on ignore."

  4. Who's a democrat?
    Anyone who votes for ROMNEY.
    pro mandated healthcare, pro torture, pro war, pro Patriot Act, tax evader, phony who will say ANYTHING to get elected.
    And you bought it hook line and sinker.
  5. I can't Stand the ignore feature.
    Neocons and Leftists love To use the ignore button so they don't have to hear truth. It hurts their brains too much.
    Reminds me of the Chris Rock bit about Niggas love to not know.
    Keepin it reallll. Yeah, real DUMB.
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    Well, truth be told, I actually feel sorry for those people, especially those on the right.
    As you know, I am a conservative, and it is really embarrassing to me when I see these people screaming about how they are putting so-and-so on ignore.
    Makes all of us look closed minded.
    I think both sides should always, at least, listen in a civil manner.
    Way too much division in this country.
  7. +10!
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    What's interesting is that all the Rightsters hate France and see it as a weakling country, but fail to reconcile that Romney essentially escaped to France during the Vietnam war. And this is the guy who is now beating the war drum at full volume. These Rightsters have some account reconciliation to do.
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    sooo.... we have this marxist asshole in office, and he can blame Bush for his abject failure... but in his second term he can't blame Bush.. then we will have proven for the hundredth time that socialism/marxism doesn't work and never will work.

    Will that change anything in the thinking of people that vote for socialism/marxism? Of course not you silly thinker! They like to use government to steal money and ruin things for productive people. They don't care about "what works".
  10. No one likes zerobama less than me. He's an awful president who wastes money, destroys the middle class one day at a time, starts new wars, and is busy removing the liberties of the people as designed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    How is he different than Bush then?
    Or from Clinton?
    Or from what Gorenor Kerry or McCain would have been?

    In our little financial world, as traders and active investors, we have probably never been hit with such onerous regulations and tax threats as we have been in the last 4 years.
    Im not certain, but it was the biggest collapse of our sector in at least a generation.

    As someone formerly of the finance business, and now just a privte investor, I can say for certain that things were great in the 2000s. But things started taking a turn for the worst after Madoff, TARP, regulators were found to be abject failures, and the safety of just having a brokerage account, was now in question.

    I sold my book of business to a recently failed institution just recently and it couldn't have been a better idea. The finance business is in shambles.

    Passage of the Financial Modernization Act, the Fed, and Congress in general, has failed the American People. None of the people in the mainstream have a solution. In fact, they are the problem. And you want to elect these people. For 4 more years.

    I wonder when the next US Civil War happens. Will both sides be so mind numbingly stupid, fighting for the wrong things, for the wrong reasons, like they are today?
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