A visual aid. What scalping futures looks like.

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  1. This is what scalping looks like. 12 or 13 trades in 40 min.

    Here is a link to some scalping that I did today from 9:50- 10:30(german equity market close) today in the Dax . The video is 7 minutes long but it was sped up and is actually 40 minutes of trading.


    The video quality and demensions are poor( I didn't realize youtube would distort the image) , I will try to fix that and post a whole day next week. The above link was all the trading I did today.
  2. trader151,

    Thanks for the clip.

    I also scalp, Crude Oil, and when it is busy at about the same frequency as your series of trades.

    I heard Dax is a great trading vehicle.
    Someone started a thread on trading HongKong with IB.
    I would be interested trading these but I would like to know how OS futures trading profits would be taxed for US traders. (I started a thread with this question but nobody responded).


  3. If you are a U.S. citizen they are taxed just like any other futures contracts gains or losses, i.e. they are taxed just like your crude trading profits
  4. Someone on youtube asked what the P/L was:

    The answer is :

    If you look at the full screen video you can see whats going on enough to make out the P/L and the contacts traded. 31 contacts a side on 12 or 13 trades. P/L was $1659.00 or 1225 euros.
  5. is there any audio?
  6. trader, basically you just get the 1099 form as a single P&L?

    Thanks for the video, quite interesting.
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    How much have you made?

  8. No, if I have time I may try to add audio to explain what I was doing and what I was looking at in other markets to make my decisions. I might do that in a video next week.
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    That would be great to see, thanks in advance if you get it done, and nice job trading.
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    You scared the hell out of me. I'm developing a system to trade intraday futures and in your movie I saw a data feed speed that is extremely fast. I thought maybe my distance from the exchange or broker is the problem for the delay. But then I realized that you speed up the video.
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