A Very Simple Profitable Method for FX

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  1. Here is a very simple profitable method for FX I have even found on ET.

    1. Current R/S zone set by yourself.

    2. Buy at the current S and Sell at the current R.

    3. "TP/SL set by yourself base on beside R/S zone".

    You can find by yourself the relevant threads/ charts on ET.

    Any backtesting by anyone would be welcome. :D
  2. What is a "currenct"? Currency, contract, current, correct? What does it mean to set R/S zone by "yourself"?
  3. If you know how to do #3, then you can do #1. :D
  4. Good bye.
  5. Haven't you or anyone found the relevant threads yet?
  6. nonlinear, OT is just having some fun at the expense of a certain long-running ET thread. Although its "strategy" is non-specific to the point of being completely untestable, it seems to draw a lot of people, and praise.

    Shhh, don't tell anyone...
  7. Ah, OK. I'll keep the secret. :)
  8. Fine, you guys by now wanting to know answers may send PMs (by yourself), however not to me. :D
  9. Here is a probably unusual book (I seldom touch), which is relevant to the method.

    "Using Zone Pattern Probability Analysis - Detecting High Profit Day Trades in the Futures Markets --- by J T Jackson"

    You need to read the book by yourself. Good luck! :D
  10. This method is based on the concept of price zones that was introduced by Dr Bruce Gould, including the cyclical nature of market movements.

    "He suggested dividing historical prices into 5 zones in which each zone represents 20% of the price range for the previous three years." :D
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