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  1. Hi
    I have traded Forex for years.

    It is my full time job now.

    I am interested to teach some students my trading strategy.

    My trading style is in this way:

    I trade two type of accounts:

    Low risk accounts

    High risk accounts

    My low risk account is abou 100K and my High risk account is 5k.

    In my low risk account I never risk mor than 1% of my account but due to upper one RRR and upper %50 winning percentage the profit is reasonably good.

    In my high risk account I never use S/L and I use high leverages. I never mind if I blow out all of my high risk account but it rarely happens. The reward to risk ratio annually is too much.

    Anyway I'm open to share my strategy. Just ask questions.
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    what is your low risk and high risk strategy?
    Forex seems to be a chaotic market to me?
    Looking forward to your comments.
  3. This picture reminds me the best about Forex Market.
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  4. The dog is traders emothions.

    Rick is market fundamental.

    The chart is dog movement which is conclusion of different decisions. Yes I accept Forex is very chaotic. It is very difficult to predict the next move and very easy to lose your money.

    But try to answer this question:

    In that picture something is like an edge. Something that help us to predict precisely the next move of dog ( ofcourse sometimes which is sufficient for us ). Can you guess what is that edge?
  5. Yes. Pay someone $10,000 for his system and then come back on ET 6 months later and set yourself up as a "guru"

    Like, as you did on your 10/31 posts when you said you were negotiating to buy someone's successful system and paid him $10K? Then you disappeared, and reappeared recently as now a "fulltime knowledgeable trader who has secrets to share with us?"

    Quote from PsychoTrader:
    "I insist on buying the system just because I want to trade for a living and I don't want allways look for someone to manage my account.


    How much does a profitable method or strategy cost? 3000USD? 5000? 10,000?

    You remember this thread, don't you?
  6. Yes
    Sometime I wanted to buy a system. so what Mr detective?
    I don't want to be seemed as a guru.
    I now something to share. I like it. you can call it a secret or bulshit.

    Is there any irrelevant discussion?
    why so negative people hanging in this around?
  7. Tell us a little about how it works.
  8. Yes tell us of your strategy.
    traderzones is an ignoramous who is more intent on fighting rather than learning.

    P!ss off traderzones!
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    So far this thread should go into the shitcan. Another useless waste of bandwidth. But what the heck, after all this IS Elitetrader.
  10. Before explaining ,I will post my positions for a while.
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