A Very Profitable Methodology

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    thanks for the post; my answers are below...

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  2. I like this thread. How about posting your spreadsheet as an attachment though so its more clear. Excellent results keep it up.
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    Excellent returns. Would you say your average holding period is 30 days?
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  4. mind blowing? i would consider 200%+ mind blowing, but maybe I have higher expectations...i try to avg about+0.50% per trade day which i theory would be around 120%. don't get me wrong though...your results are still very nice!!

    keep up the good work:)
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    right now its 48 calendar days, its been skewed higher because the winners have been running up so nice i have been holding longer, but "typically" it is closer to 30 days...
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    You are right on BOTH accounts! Many traders would not consider that mindblowing and you DO have high expectations, LOL !

    But in all seriousness, I am looking at this from a retail perspective (remember my goal is to go retail with this) and a retail customer would find these numbers very attractive.

    But many good traders make well in excess of a 200% return off of their capital and great ones even 1,000%+; how ever at that point, imo, i don't really think of that as a true "return" because they are not investing for any length of time and seeing "returns" off those funds. Instead they have "risk capital" and are trading as a skill and making money as a skill not an investor. Just an observation.
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    Glad I added to ARD on Tuesday, it had a nice day yesterday and back up again this morning... right now I am holding tight, keeping an eye on the shop and waiting to see if santa brings any rally of sorts... if so i will take profits into any strength at year end/january...
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    Looks like Santa stiffed us up this year but it was a nice ride up to here so no complaints… while Santa was busy hitting the egg nog and standing us up I was busy taking profits and tightening stops...

    The past week I have taken a lot of profits and lightened up a lot.

    ARD-Sold lots on 12/27 at 27.95 for a 19% gain, and on 12/30 sold another lot for 27.71 a 18% gain. I still am maintaining half my position.

    NTRI-on 12/28 I closed the rest of my position at 36.23, for 14% gain so I averaged 19% on the total position.

    HOLX-closed my position at 37.88 (split adjusted)for a 38% gain.

    GMXR-closed my position today, ½ lot at 40.20 and then as selling persisted I closed the other ½ at 38.88. Averaged a 75% gain!!!!!!!! I almost fell in love with this one, what a great stock!!! I am stalking it to possibly get back in at a better price but there may be more selling in store behind today’s sell off. May use more weakness to take advantage and get back in.

    ASF- closed out position, ½ on 12/27 at 43.34 and the other ½ on 12/30 at 42.72. Gained 11% on this trade, kinda ho hum compared to some of my others but this is my bread and butter in the 10-20% range gain in 30-45 days.

    YHOO- closed entire position on 12/27 at 39.96 for a 17% gain.

    TALX- picked up another lot on 12/28 for 46.10, my only buy side in the past week.

    I am holding a lot of cash right now awaiting my next screen and seeing what the broader market does. Here are my current positions:

    Symbol Last Trade Paid Gain Trade Date
    ARD 29-Dec 27.71 22.97 20.64% 10-Oct-05
    HANS 29-Dec 79.5 43.82 81.42% 10-Oct-05
    RTSX 29-Dec 35.5 34.25 3.65% 19-Dec-05
    TALX 29-Dec 46.68 44.595 4.68%
    I will post an easier to read spreadsheet as requested...

    Happy New Year!!!!
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    got filled on a bid today on TALX at 45.32 to add to my position but I am keeping a close eye on it... 45 level appears to be a key battleground.
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  10. What is is your position sizing for this system?

    % risk, or % allocation, or other?
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