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    I have a problem....

    I have been learning a very good method for three years now that was developed by an individual and is not public. It is very accurate and is the only thing I have seen that accurately measures the strength of any given market and gives a near perfect entry.

    My problem is that after three years of learning it and studying six to eight hours a day, I have found myself very cash poor. I know how good this thing is. It is the best I have ever seen and is worth its weight in gold.

    Surprisingly, I am not trying to get rich or sell it or any of those crazy things.

    All I want to do is sit next to someone for a day or a few hours and show it to them. Once they see it, I am sure they will want to partner with me in a method to be determined.

    This is just to good for me to walk away from simply because I am low on cash.

    How can I find individulas or firms interested a method that can and does trade any market, in any time frame???
  2. you chose the right handle:)
  3. Yes, you do have a problem.

    I hope that you will get useful replies, although your handle 'spinn' is not particularly convincing... And that's also your first post here, so you are either a troll or you need to work on your marketing skills a bit more.

    Good luck, anyway...
  4. if it is a very good method, have patience, get your S7 and with 5k saved on your end, you could be up and running. it is pretty darn easy to earn 5k working, so in a couple months with 5k, and the prop leverage YOU are up and running, never having to partner.
  5. You should consider going to a trader expo and pump a few hands. People there have cash in hand ready to burn for anything that sounds like hope.

  6. Its your lucky day Spinn.
    Run it by me and I will calculate out the minimum cash required.
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    Lol...yes I know...its just a name I have used on other boards.

    As for "marketing", I am not asking for anything. I am just and individual who has spent 6-8 hours a day studying his method and just want a few people to see it in person.

    I just found this board when researching a firm that may look at it but is somewhat far from me.

    I dont want money, I dont want to sell a thing. I want advice on what to do with something that works.......

    I am in the Washington DC area.
  8. I understand, but by marketing I meant yourself. With a handle like that you may have a bit of a problem to sound serious enough to convince others of your cause.

    I am giving you the benefit of a doubt because I know that many inventors sometimes end up in situations like that...

    Obviously, they also need to convince their potential investors that they have something to offer...
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    I really am just one guy sitting in my apartment with really bad judgement picking screen names.
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