A Very Blunt Question For You Pro's

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Tom631, Aug 10, 2007.

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    Is The Stock Market Rigged?
  2. To all the stock_trad3r bashers my posts can't be any stupider than the one above?
  3. Yes to Stock Market

    No to the Market
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    It's not a stupid question...Why should the fed intervene into the stock market to keep it from falling further?.... SHOULDN'T THE MARKET CORRECT ITSELF??..If the market falls due to people who couldn't even qualify for a Toys R Us Credit Card can be given a $600,000 mortgage with no money down, why the hell should the fed bail both the consumer as well as the bank/mortgage company out?

    And what about the Pro's who shorted the market betting that sooner or later easy credit will blow up only to find they lose their bets due to the fed propping the market up???

    What kind of free market is that?
  5. In my experience, on the short term the market is very manipulatable in the form of intraday trends or counter-trend moves. However, it is impossible to manipulate longer term primary trends. Dow himself couldn't have put it any better.

    If the market is going up, a 50 billion sell order will only prolong the inevitable. If the market is going down, all the attempts to hold the market up will be in vain.
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    He is a newbie and has an excuse for a newbie question.
    What is your excuse for your stupidity, it's getting old?

    el surdo
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    Thanks as I am a newbie and am just tring to understand things.
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    exactly right,

    its not a free market...........

    PPT and injections of over $200,000,000,000 worldwide are keeping every market from collapsing. If it were not for these injections most of these markets would be off 10%+ from there all time highs.
  9. Of course it's rigged. Knowing that IS the edge. Thinking that there's a dimes worth of difference between listed and unlisted companies is where you'll get burned. They all lie! Some just have CNBC, the SEC and the FED as an accomplises.
  10. it is not rigged.

    that's a loser mentality, and what losers use to blame others for their failures.

    the stock market is the greatest wealth building creation ever seen by man.

    it helps to price assets (and risk), and offers anybody the opportunity to own pieces of some of the greatest (and worst) companies ever founded
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