a Very Awkaward moment-------

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    I am at a wedding yesterday and i decide to go into the bathroom and work my magic in a stall. keep in mind i'm the only guy inrestroom and started taking a dump. next thing i know,a guy comes in and decides to take a leak. now i am being real quiet and trying not to move so i will not be noticed. the guy isinging and whistling while he is doing his thing. he then all of the sudden stops and notices me in the stall. there is now a very long silence and the guy stands still for about 2 minutes. you could tell he did'nt want to know who i was and i certianly did'nt want to know who he was. now i am starting to panic,did he notice the kind of shoes i was wearing? will he walk around the catering hall trying to match up the shoes he saw in my stall? should i change my shoes? i then noticed he had real pointy black shoes so i took a quick glance at them and stayed still. i then heard him wash his hands and he escaped as quickly as he entered. who was that masked man? i needed to know but i needed to plan an escape. i could not run the risk of him knowing i am the one in the stall taking dump. i immediately planned an exit stradegy..was there a bathroom window? no..i darted out of the bathroom and went through a fire exit and then worked my way to the front entrance and acted as if i was just walking into the wedding late. no one noticed. still,i was worried he would recognize my shoes. i then realized most guys were wearing similar shoes so my fears were unwarranted. i then searched for pointy black shoes and suddenly found the man.i needed to know if he noticed me so i walked past him a halfdozen times..he never even blinked...mission accomplished..man,that was a close call.
  2. I was coming down the elevator and about 2 floors before I had to get off, I blew a Heineken fart. The doors opened and my boss was getting on the elevator with 2 customers as I stepped out.
  3. Nutmeg that is actually hilarious. Someday I may grow up, but I hope not. The thread starter, I don't get it. Are you afraid people will know you take a dump and it smells? Geez, if they think there crap doesn't stink you really don't need to worry about what the hell they think or who they are.
    My buddy and co-worker at the time were in the can at work taking leaks, and someone was in the crapper leaving something horid. I finished and walked out and heard my friend making a couple humorous comments to the guy before he left. He thought it was another guy in our area. The bathroom was right next to the coffee pot and we both were filling up and waiting to hand out some more b.s., when out walks, not our boss, or his boss, but the dang CEO. We had been around long enough and started when the company was pretty small, so he knew our names, so we were really dying. I wish I could remember exactly what he said, but I almost couldn't function the rest of the day I was laughing my rear off. From there on I felt like I worked for a real guy and not a some knob bigwig.
  4. don't act like your shit smells like cinnamon
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    i was worried that because we were the only on'es in the bathroom at the time, he might of felt obligated to strike up a conversation. that has happened before and its wierd. although i appreciated his good manners.
  6. One of my co workers used to announce he was going to take a shit. One day, I wait till he's in the stall and I use the restroom, wash my hands then throw the paper towel into his stall then turn out the light.

    I go out in the hall and text him with urgent messages.
  7. I guess I never knew there was an obligation or norm for potty etiquite. I never thought about whether someone would talk to me or not. Everyone has there own thing(s) that bug them and I certianly have things that bug me, I guess this isn't one of them. Didn't mean to come off as an ass. This maybe your point of too much info when in the can. Other things bug me, and potty issues I can just laugh off. Kids maybe part of the reason for that.
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    I had same situation but the other person was in high heels.. I'm thinking "what kind of weirdos do we have here anyhow?" then I realize I'm in the womens room.. no window, I just had to make a run for it... it would have been good but I was befuddled and hurrying and I had the toilet paper stuck in my ass. I went out of there trailing a hundred foot streamer... pretty awkward really...
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    I did something similiar. We were partying at a hotel pretty fierce some time ago. The next morning, I'm elevating down for breakfast and let an impressive stinker. The doors open to the lobby to reveal an old lady and her grand daughter waiting to go up.

    Still makes my eyes water to this day. :D :D :D