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  1. Hi all and Happy New Year !
    I bought TradersStudio some days ago. It has its pros and cons but I am very satisfied. Anyway to use it at its fullest potential, it is necessary to learn all its multiple features and, of course, its programming language. Therefore we have decided to set up a special user group for TraderStudio owners as well as for those who do not have it yet but are interested in knowing what it can and can not do. The purpose is to have a place where users can exchange programming tips & tricks, helping each other - you will NOT be asked to reveal your strategies - our focus is how to best program the software and use all of its features.
    The user group is a Yahoo group. Nothing to pay. You can enroll here, clicking on "join this group" :

    You will receive all messages directly in your inbox. If you want you can opt for a daily digest: all messages for a day contained in a single email. Easy and efficient.

    We will also keep an archive of all the messages, an easy reference for future use, just in case you forgot something !

    Of course, Murray Ruggiero is more than welcome !
  2. Have joined the yahoo group of Tradersstudio. Am wondering how many of you have also joined it?
  3. Thanks samuel_weber_74 for the information, It is good to see it active. :)
  4. The yahoo group is interesting. Am wondering as to why we need to register ourselves just to read the messages? There are many yahoo groups where you do not need to register to read the threads. You only need to register if you want to post.

    The point is that if people find the yahoo forum via search engines, they will need to regsiter before checking it out. It is natural for people to know how the group is before joining. Also, registering is a long process (especially if you do not have a yahoo ID). So if we want to read some posts only, then the whole process can be tiring and one might give up trying to join also.

    Your views, please? :)
  5. You have a good point, Derrick1983. :) However, the response lies with the yahoo group creator.
  6. I was on vacation, Derrick. Sorry for the late answer.
    The "archive for member only" is the default option in Yahoogroups and I did not think/desire to change it since ours is a community of people trying to help each other. Why should I allow lurkers ? It would be unfair for all of the good will members who regularly take the time to post. There is nothing to pay to be in the group, take at least the time to register !

    Does it take so long to register with Yahoo ? Name, Surname, Zip, Country, verification code, 2 questions in case you change password, messages format, another verification code and the process is over... I do not think it is complicated ! Did I forget anything ?

    Anyway, since I respect anybody's opinion, for other people who could prefer another method, here is a simple way to register in our forum: just send an e-mail to
    TradersStudio-subscribe@yahoogroups.com and then just click on the confirmation link on the e-mail Yahoo will send you. With this latter method anyway, Yahoo will not allow you to access the archive, you will only receive the future messages.

    This world is not perfect, sorry. :D
    Thanks for joining the forum, Derrick. You are welcome.
  7. Thanks for the reply, samuel_weber_74.:) Hope you had a great vacation! :) :D
    Regarding the registration, the process is not tough, it is only lengthy. Maybe yahoo sever has problems and we need to enter information many times (even if all information is correct). At times, we need to try out after few hours or even days. I have asked others, many say the same thing.

    However, the main aim was that if the yahoo group links come up in search engines results, people will not be able to browse them until they register. That seems to be a hurdle. I mean like the amibroker yahoo group (http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/amibroker/messages/) or even Elite Trader Forum, where anyone can browse but only member can comment or post.

    But, the choice is yours. :) We respect your opinions. :) Many thanks for the alternative solution given. :)

    Thanks for the welcome message and the group was a good start. :)