A Unique Model-Ecktrade

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  1. I can't promise I'll comment here but I'll respond to emails.

  2. A couple of comments.

    1) two of the graphics on your home page appear to be missing.

    2) Re: 15 or fewer clients.
    The Rule 203(b)(3) exemption does not apply if you "hold yourself out as a money manager," which you clearly do on your website. You're also actively soliciting clients, another reason the exemption won't apply. Furthermore, if you are mostly in futures, the exemption does not automatically apply, so even if you stop holding yourself out and soliciting clients, you have to file an exemption letter with the NFA.

    On the other hand, your operation is so small and, given the "you can lose it all" warning, so honest, that you will probably escape regulatory notice.

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks for the comments.

    My registration issue can be summarized as the following: I don't want to spend 10k "pre-emptively" registering if there's zero interest BUT I won't start unless I'm registered.

    In other words if 15 people say "cool I'm in", then I'll register.