A UK/Ireland Traders Board?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Helenqu, Aug 22, 2002.

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    Hope this is in the right place but the thread on are their any UK traders has taken off and is getting a bit away from the point.

    Would A UK and Ireland board fit the site or not?
  2. If so I'm interested - I'm curious to know what its like to trade from Ireland in particular. My family has a 2nd home there, and were are from there. I understand Dublin to be very financial services friendly, a benign tax regime and and good tech infrastructure. This is what I hear though its 100% the opposite of what I experienced when I lived there, but that was in the 80's
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    Hi, its moi that lives in ireland fkeane. Its great trading from ireland.. so long as you don't want broadband connection! lol

    Its coming tho.. eventually.. already in dublin by jove! Not in the west here yet tho.. as to the tax.. thats good.. just capital gains at 20% max.. very much and a LOT better than the 80's!

    Baron.. when you wake up (worn out from all your work dealing with a bunch of irreverant daytraders) helen's idea for a forum for UK/Irish traders gets my vote..


    ps.. forget about trading.. write a bestselling book.. zero.. I mean ZERO tax for artistic types here!!!!
  4. Hi from Portstewart, N. Ireland :p
  5. Bouds


    Hi Helen

    Definitely gets my vote. Let me know if there is anything I can help with.

  6. I've got to believe broadband is available to businesses in Dublin! How do the banks, tech companies etc. get anything done without it? No T-1/T-3 lines? Maybe its there but just not accessable to individuals except at exorbitant prices?

    Also, sorry this is a bit off topic: there was a board recently that addressed US witholding taxes on acounts held by foreign nationals (Irish residing in Ireland in this case) I hold dual citizenship, anyone know the score on that?
  7. Neil


    fkeane, they have had leased lines for business for a while and now broadband (dsl) is making the rounds.. unbelievable slow to arrive tho.. eircom spent all its time from the day of privatisation until private rip off sale trying to find the best way to line the pockets of the directors.. and you can quote me on that! Half a million of us stupid residents bought into the worst privitisation in the western world.. lost half the value and then they compulsary sold us to first vodaphone (gave us voda shares!!! jeez that was fun) and then a miserable cash sum for the rest later.. forced sale I tell you! Anyway, the upshot of that was that they put all such nonesense as broadband on the back burner for years,, delayed unbundling of the local loop illegally.. had to be forced by euroland to allow any competition for that... which is finally starting.. so we are told that we MAY have broadband here in a year or two.. or longer..

    Re the tax question.. for non US citizens there is a form to be filled in which allows avoidance of US tax.. wb something.. if you happen to hold dual US citizenship, then you are done for, they wanna hang on to your cash for sure and will withhold.. if they know..

    Hope that hepls
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    Is there something wrong with me or did I read a post from Irishman here that is now missing??

    I was just about to reply to that! Maybe it will re-appear by the time this is posted and make this post look silly.. lol

    If you read this Irishman then repost please, I am sure you cannot have been censored as you said nothing controversial.. I think.. or maybe I just imagined it.. maybe its just a glitch..


    ps.. Helen, don't think we are going to get our own section.. no response from baron yet
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    Hi Neil,

    I read the post by Irishman too, so we are collectively mad :)

    No , no response yet, maybe on holiday or something? It seems a shame because there are very particular issues for us in the UK and it would be good to have a place where they can be discussed.
  10. Neil


    Its a mystery then Helen.. we are now entering the twilight zone! :confused: I knew it was too good to be true that there was another trader in Ireland and one who had BIG broadband too!!

    Not forgetting 1contract, I guess you have dsl with BT since you are in the north?

    Baron will get around to us at some point I suppose.. the problem is that they keep such odd hours over there... they get up really late you know.. :)

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