A typical news story from my town

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  1. from the "is that a DVD in your pocket, or are happy to see me?" dept.

    Best one I heard was a grocery store near a Century Village in Florida. To live there, I guess you need to be a hundred. Anyway, this guy is standing in the checkout line, and blood is running down his face. A woman in line sees this, and begins screaming.

    The manager, obviously experienced in such manners, runs over, takes the guy's hat off, exposing a T-Bone Steak.

    I would have thought it would have been easier to steal one of those big hard salamis by stuffing it down your trousers, and, you might get lucky. But then again, who wants to get lucky at Century Village?
  2. I could probably get away with hiding a salami down my pants, mainly because it wouldn't alter my ordinary appearance. :cool:
  3. Salami?

    There was a guy who always had girls flocking around him at the beach, so this poor fellow who couldn't get any girls, walked over to him one day and asked for some advice.

    The beach stud suggested he put a couple potatoes in his speedo and walk up and down the beach. Well, he tried this with no success, so again he walked over to his mentor on the beach for some follow up advice.

    The beach stud took one look and said " You need to put the potatoes in the front"