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  1. the market may not be predictable all the time but traders journals sure are...

    just started trading futures, account just opened and funded with $750! Looking to make $150,586,153.82 in 12 months, I have an excel spreadsheet that says its possible!

    response 1.

    WAY under capitalized. Thats worse than having a bad system! you need to go back, sim for 50 years and then try it when you have 125,000 in your account

    response 2.

    Don't listen to that guy, its totally possible! I am subscribing to this thread and excited about the journey. Good luck!

    and the next 50 posts are arguing who is right between response 1 and 2
  2. Thank you for this refreshing journal.

    You have offered so much wisdom and insight.

  3. No, no thank YOU for this refreshing post.

    You have offered so much wisdom and insight!

  4. Eric J

    Eric J

    It would be great if you hit that goal . Lets see your edge unfold and the journal chronicle it all , thanks .