A Truth on Trading.**Everyone, please Read**

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  1. I have been working pretty much 12-14 hours a day on trying to "improve' my trading skills. However, I can improve them as much as I want, if the market goes against me, the market goes against me.

    Today, I was up $500 profit and had a limit order to get out. Limit was not filled and price reversed. Lost that 500 and then -493 as well. These aren't the only days that this kinda stuff happens either. They happen often.

    I've posted before about trading being a scam. Well, maybe not a scam, but it definatly will take your money. I don't know too many people starting off under capitalized like me that make it well. Someone told me Jack Hershey started with 300 bux, I call bs on that but anyway.

    So, to anyone trading, or thinking about keeping this as your living, please thoroughly evaluate your position as a trader and don't listen to a lot of these guys on ET saying they can double their profits easily.. maybe these guys can double their profits, however, it's impossible to do that consistantly. impossible. don't believe the hype.

    please, i really encourage any honest , new et member to pm me or post in this thread for only honest discussion relating to trading. i don't want any puretick salesman, spydertrader thieves, and/ or jack hershey acid tripping trolls that talk out of their butts. i just want honest people who want to make a living off this like i do.

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    Use market orders.
  3. Oh yea, by the way: I'm not looking for "help" or suggestions in to "how to make me a better trader" in this thread. the point here is to just get some honest discussion on the REAL hidden truths(that spydertrader does not mention) posted here.

    i do use market orders by the way. so thanks.
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    No you said you used a limit order... :p
  5. hah, please don't try to argue with my integrity. i use market orders all the time, i use limits to exit on occassion. this occassion was a limit.
  6. That is your problem in a nutshell.

    Continue learning (on demo or paper), save money, start fresh.

    Good luck.
  7. It`s all in your head. Finding it is the hard part. Sounds cheesy and cliche but is 100% true.

    Good luck.
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    B&B, how long have you been trading for? Serious live trading.
  9. Thats why I advocate a buy & hold type strategy. What was the stock anyway?
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    where u from B&B?
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