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  1. Urdala_Trol EA (MT5) (download below)

    Here is a truly amazing EA from the MT5 codebase (public domain) that I have tweaked to trade 8 currencies on the M1. I make periodic adjustments by using an ATR spreadsheet. Which I will provide upon request.

    Usually EA's from the public domain do not make it to prime time. But I have tweaked this one to make money. Usually EA's do not survive long enough to make money.

    This one doubled the money in 2 month's. It is not a martingale but it does increase trade size based on the rules below. It simply ramps ups. If it were a martingale there is no way I could trade it in a basket. I made it semi-automatic to manage it if the leverage gets utilized too much. You can flatten it and then withdraw funds and start again if the leverage gets too high. You can keep it on automatic and flatten at 10% and let it ride on automatic if you wish.

    It is a semi-automatic EA in which you can turn off the 2nd. EA and exit all the trades manually. Along the way it makes money also. I installed another EA to the platform to exit all the trades automatically at 10% making it fully automatic. I never let it run fully automatic so long though as I like to manually jump in there and exit to get a withdrawal out and to start it over.

    So these three modifcations have created a profitable EA out of public domain crap:

    • ATR adjustment to the inputs using the defaults provided in the EUR/USD
    • Eight Currency Basket
    • 2nd. EA "Close by Equity Percent" running concurrently in the same platform
    Below is from the "Codebase":

    The author of the idea:
    Sergey Rashevskiy.

    mq5 code authorbarabashkakvn.

    Working Strategy

    If there are no open positions (opened by the EA), two oppositely directed positions with the "Lots" initial lot are opened with a stop loss equal to "Stop Loss", while take profit is not used. Stop loss moves using trailing ("Trailing Stop" and "Trailing Step" parameters are applied).


    Position's first modification reliably moves a stop loss to a breakeven or even a small profit. The subsequent modifications of Stop Loss increase the guaranteed profit.

    Two stop loss activation options are available afterwards:

    • 1. Position has closed with a loss
      • 1.1. In this case, we assume that the trend has reversed. Open a position with an increased lot (add "Number of minimum lots" to the volume of the remaining position) in the direction opposite to the closed one. For example, the unprofitable BUY position has been closed. Then open a SELL position with an increased lot. Thus, we obtain two positions in one direction.
      • 1.2. Further on, it works only in the obtained direction: wait till the price leaves the least loss-making position by "Step" points in the loss-making direction and open a position with an increased lot (add "Number of minimum lots" to the volume of the least loss-making position) in the direction of existing positions (as you remember, we have one or several unidirectional positions).
    • 2. Position has closed with a profit (this is the position that was modified at least once)
      • 2.1. We assume that this is not a trend reversal, but a small rebound. Open a position with an increased lot in the direction of the closed one. For example, a profitable BUY position has been closed, then we open a BUY order with an increased lot. Thus, we obtain two positions in the same direction.
      • 2.2. We try to apply trailing afterwards. In any case, one of the Stop Losses will work and we will return either to p. 1 or to p. 2.
    Calculation of BUY and SELL positions, total profit on BUY and total profit on SELL, as well as searching for the least loss-making BUY and SELL position are performed within one call in the CalculateAllPositions function.


    • Lots - initial position volume
    • Number of minimum lots - number of minimum lots, a position volume is changed by
    • Stop Loss (in pips)
    • Trailing Stop (in pips)
    • Trailing Step (in pips)
    • Step - initial step between differently directed positions
    So here you have it folks. I am paying it forward to all of you that have been so much of my trading world for so long. I will start the EA with 5K and post the results here often as to it's progress ok? Do not trade this live...just follow along here for a while.

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  2. Ok its official starting now with 5K
    2018-09-30_195826 Urdala_Trol Charts.png
    2018-09-30_195751 Urdala_Trol Performance.png
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  3. if a algo is successful it will not need a basket of 8 just a basket of 1. time and time again basket models pop up and eventually they keep adding and changing the basket to fix the backtesting.

    i can name a few famous ones "catscan" "abberation" "scooter" "trend trader - 1 and 2" "dynamic channel breakout" and a few hundred more. in time it will fail and the basket will be adjusted and tweaked to optimize the best returns. it's a old model builders trick "rant off"
  4. Ok Mark...Thanks for the heads up!


    P.S. Folks do not trade this live as Mark knows what he is talking about. Lets watch this blow up! I have only forward tested this a few months. The purpose of the four pair was to get currency exposure. The only tweaking done to get the results was an ATR calibration done manually. I do not backtest. I did not write this EA but the code is posted for your inspection. Good luck and I recommend for those of you that decide to roll the dice ...withdraw the profits as fast as you can!

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  5. I am getting requests for the spreadsheet. Please understand that when you start this EA it takes a day to put on it's first trades. Right away you get 2 offsetting trades in each pair that result in a flat equity curve. Everyone will have different results at different times. If a thousand people traded this there is no way any entry or exit problems can arise...as this is Forex with liquidity beyond your wildest dreams.

    This is for global traders only as it needs a dealer with 1000:1...maybe 500:1 will work and you can dial down the minimum lot size from 0.05 if needed.

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  6. Here are the first ATR settings that I just did:

    2018-10-01_070828 ATR Settings.png
  7. Don't feel bad if you are totally lost...ask any questions....no dumb questions here in this thread ok?

  8. Please for those of you who are new to Spot Currency do not follow ESavants trades, he is a failed trader in Spot Currency, and cannot even get a proper directional trade going, let alone something more complex.

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  9. Here is the "Close by Equity Percent" EA. Install it on a EUR/USD chart.

    Remember to set all of your magic numbers unique to each pair. Use 0.01 lots per 1k for 1000:1 accounts.

    The ATR spreadsheet tells you what to enter into the other input fields.

  10. Wait, I though you told me to shut up about what's his name, and then blocked me like an impacted bowel. Even though I was just trying to help you, keep from getting sucked down another rabbit hole. I guess I am not blocked then?

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