A true take on where America may end up

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  1. jprad


    You're posting a link to an article detailing the disparity of income while you live in, and promote, TexASS, with one of the worst income disparities in the U.S.?

    What a fuckin' laugh...
  2. piezoe


    OK, so I just read the article. Now I feel like Dick Cheney. I just want to say, "So". :D
  3. Article is interesting. And yes, it is very much in-line of what is happening in North America. It's incredible how as years go by, less and less capital is available to the middle and lower class in North America.

    Do you even observe this with the next generation too? They seem like they can only think 24hrs in advance and cannot be concerned about long-term. Attention spans last only 5-10 minutes. It's really an incredible phenomena I'm witnessing.

    For example when you go out in public, do you see humans CONSTANTLY fiddling with their blackberrys? Or do you witness girls constantly scanning their blackberry likely constantly refreshing their e-mail to see their inbox?

    A girl told me on a date, that she thought I was werid because I had no blackberry. She said "I couldn't live without my blackberry".

    I know it's unlikely, but what if there was a black swan event and THE GRID went down for a week.
  4. AK100


    Bear, you're right about the phones, I call these people Mobile Morons, all they do all the time is play with their phones.

    I see them down the gym as well, many of them do a set, check their phone, do a set, check their phone etc.
  5. Schaefer


    I concur. My experience has been exactly, as same as yours.


  6. Excellent article that many here will hate.