A true SUPER Laissez-faire 100% free 0% government intrusion economy.

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  1. If such a thing ever existed dont you think eventually all private entites will become a big private megaconglomerate that would end up controlling the freedoms of people etc..?

    back when Ma Bell was a monopoly you were not even allowed to attach your own phone to the line, you had to rent it etc..

    So if over the years companies merge,etc.. due to unfrettered M&A activity, you would just end up under the rule of

    MEGAGeneralElectricGoldmanChevronJPMHaliburton Corporation?

    Ticker (MGEGCJPMHAL OTC) 500,000,000 a share price.

    I read the Story of The Morgans,rockefellers etc.. and Standard Oil and it was quite eye opening the stuff they did before the trustbusting.

    Some artist should draw a modern version of the octopus but with GS and big bank with its tentacles wrapped around congress and the whitehouse.


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    Not sure what the answer is, but been thinking lately that since I will never vote with the majority, what exactly is the point of democracy, I will always be subject to someone else's will.

    But, be that as it may I am pretty disillusioned with all this globalisation, rescue of incompetent idiots who should have been allowed to blow-up.

    Take GS for example, gee we ran a good business, never mindn we were up to our eyeballs in exposure to AIG, if the government did not save AIG, GS would have gone to the wall, but gee we ran our business well, who could have known AIG was so rotten, yeah right.
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    The government needs to break up the banks or they will tear this country apart.
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    Totally agree. And that's coming from a free-market capitalist. I actually want government to stay the hell away from companies completely, but that's not going to happen.

    So if we're going to socialize/bailout compaines that are "too big to fail", then we need to make sure there are not "too big to fail" companies.
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    ask comcast about using your own box(which can be purchased on ebay for few bucks)...
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    The natural evolution of capitalism is towards monopoly.

    A legitimate role for any Libertarian Government is an anti-trust group with the authority to break-up monsters that stifle competition.

    Defense, Judiciary, Anti-Monopoly, Small Federal Tax to finance the above. That's it. All regulation (Banking, Finance, Stock, Future) is totally unnecessary when fiat money - and its attendant bubbles and prescient insider knowledge - are removed and we go to a hard currency/non-fractional reserve banking system that can't be gamed by insiders.

    Most of Americas problems are created by fiat money/fractional reserve banking. Real Estate Bubbles, Stock Market Bubbles, overconsumption, malinvestment, overleveraged banks, run-away Government deficit spending, unsustainable national debt, endless entitlement spending/programs and promises, Wars etc.

    All that is directly made possible by free, cheap and easy money. Can't borrow it? Just print it. And we have. To our own destruction.

    We need hard currency, 10-15% consumption tax, end Big Government, wipe out the debt and let the Free Market do its work.
  7. The Democrats wanted to secure the deposits and then put these banks out of business.

    Nothing came of it because everyone got tired of hearing limbaugh and the useless republican turds in congress screeching at the top of their lungs.

    Plus who want to deal with more tea-gagging hate speech by the useless republican geriatric crowd?

    Also the fact that medicare has kept these insufferable zombies walking and crawling around is proof enough how much money the govt. is wasting on healthcare.

  8. Ma Bell was the furthest thing from free-market you could get. It was a government supported monopoly.

    Free-market economics is simply two parties mutually exchanging goods for mutual benefit without any coercion.

    About the closest thing to free-market economics we have would be ebay or black market underground economies.
  9. Laissez Faire capitalism works great in class room theory, throw in the reality of insatiable human avarice and you will end up with the exact same scenario every single time. Monopolies which are the govt. This is true for any govt. system.

    And that is what we had in the 2 decades of republican rule. The republicans like Tom DeLay and Phil Gramm are/were extensions of corporations into govt. corrupting the process of democracy to enrich their corporate donors. Bush did an end run of the system by mortgaging the next 5 generations to the banks through his nonsensical too big to fail hoax.

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    That's right.

    And Obama picked up right where Bush left off.

    Democrats and Republicans whored themselves equally to lobbyists (bribes for influence). Lawmakers sold to highest bidder.

    Remember, it was Democrats who finally admitted what been known for 100 years - Bankers Own Congress. Don't kid yourself.

    America is now run by Banks, Defense, Big Oil and Pharma. Its Mussolini Fascism. The answer isn't the lessor of two evils. The answer is neither Big Government Republicans or Big Government Democrats.

    The answer? Candidates who put the Constitution First with the track record to prove it !

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