A truck driver analysis to the ES

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  1. Today a member of Puretick contacted me and told me, Alex W., the head trader of Puretick, posted my farewell message from ET and said the reason for the farewell post was because I'm now a truck driver. Whatever that means but it does not sound too connected to daytrading. It is not the first time that I hear negative comments from this organization so I decided to make this post and make a few clarifications.

    For the record I want to publicly state that I have not spoken to Alex in years, my trading is going strong and contrary to him, my only source of income comes from trading and investments.

    On top of that I have never charged anyone a penny for mentorships, indicators, or anything trading related and no I'm not a truck driver, just a daytrader.

    Not sure what the deal is here but anyway, heard the word and decided to make this post.

    Anyway, if anyone wants to know if I'll be cleaning garbage cans next, feel free to drop me an email at anekdoten@gmail.com I could do your house next but chances are I'll stick to trading.

    Oh and yes, I need a reason to justify this post in this forum, so might as well post today's ES chart analysis.

    Good trading to all.

    Anek "The Truck Driver"

    <img src=http://elitetrader.com/vb/attachment.php?s=&postid=2163524 width=800>
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    nicely annotated chart...
  3. apak


    laughing my f-in ass off

    check this out

    I spoke to Alex W about maybe 3-4 months ago

    how it started I posted a joke thread on ET (as I usually do) about helping puretick get a real edge from me so they don't have to be a false service

    after that I spoke to Alex and he was interested for real about getting from me a way to trade very well

    he was saying all those things like, I never stop learning etc

    so he finally bit the road

    I kind of feel sorry for him as well

    we've all been there even you Anek, you had to be
  4. Breaker breaker one nine, keep the pedal to the metal and an eye on shakey town,
    I've got your back door doing double nickles down the hammer lane. Just left a lot lizard back at the pickle park, now it's your call. Come back. Over
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    I don't think trading is your thing man. I think you were.....

  6. Well Im lucky enough to be able to trade with "Anek the truck driver" in his private channel. I am just one of many people who speak with him daily and continue to get FREE Mentoring on a continuous basis and have for over a year now. So let me set the record straight. Anek isn't driving truck that I'm aware of. But if he is its an armored truck!
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    yeah cause of all the noobs that want to kill him :D
  8. I too am lucky enough to be in Anek's channel. Not only is Anek a ridiculously awesome trader, he is a great teacher too. I have learned so much about price action in the past few months my head is going to explode. My trading is getting better and better thanks to him. If it sounds like Im being an ass kisser that's because I know that great traders are rare, and so are good teachers, but rarer still is someone who is willing to take time out of his day everyday to help people just for the sake of helping them. I am truly thankful for his help, and one only has to look at my trading logs to see my improvements.

    So if Anek is driving a truck, it's because he felt like seeing what his daily winnings looked like in cash and he needed the room. So tell that douchbag to shut the hell up and to try to sell his snake oil somewhere else. It's obvious he is a shitty low life who can't figure out why the MACD keeps lying to him. Loser.
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    One thing I don't like about Anekdoten is that HE KEEPS THE BEST STUFF TO HIMSELF

    and he helps people out because he thinks god will reward him

    that is his motivation just ask him
  10. Incorrect, he keeps the best stuff for devoted, deserving students. That's around 40 people (plus minus a few slackers that got the boot).

    Anek has shared the majority of his techniques and continues to share more and more with us whenever the majority of the room is ready for the next level.

    And FYI, most of what he uses is on the chart he posted if you care to look at it.

    I am forever grateful to Anek for his initial thread, the follow up chatroom, and now the chatroom as it's gone private.

    I don't give a shit if it sounds like ass kissing because he's never asked for anything in return minus for us to pay it forward when we can.

    As far as motivation, all he wants is a hot sister or two. In fact, if you have a hot sister chances are you can get in the room.
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