A tribute to 911

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    - Emily Dickinson
  3. Nice pix. I was just looking through flicker at pictures of today. I just finished a book on Cantor Fitzgerald. After all this time, still tough to revist the events of the day.
  4. Looks like RealityAnalyst is an enemy of the US. [​IMG]
  5. Now, why would Muslims want to cover up this sweetheart:

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  7. If you were to educate yourself, then maybe you would stop embarrassing yourself:

  8. How did the fire get there on the side of the building? Oh yeah, it was hit by tons of debris from the collapse of the trade center. The debris that hit the WTC 7 was probably heavier than an aluminum airplane.

    I think you have never even been in a skyscraper before. If you had, you would see that strong winds rock them all day long. Its not hard to imagine for even a layman like yourself how easy a building is to fall over, especially one that was not build to the same code as the much stronger WTC 1 & 2.
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    I would be happy to never hear Lutnick cry about that day again.
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